Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — the packages in details

Glo tariff plans 2020 are the revised call packages for the year 2020!

Staying relevant to the latest changes from your telecom operator has many of it’s advantages. In fact, it’s a consumer’s responsibility to discern changes in the service he/she gets from brands — in this case, the telecom operators. It’s now a new normal for telcos operating in the country to effect changes to calls and data packages without informing the subscribers. These changes are mostly adverse to these customers – the more reason to stay updated of these changes.

Globacom presently has the second highest number of subscribers in the country, but that isn’t what interests most potential customers. The telecom service provider has over the years been a benevolent data provider. Their data service is currently unmatched in the industry, and whats more? Potential subscribers are curious the ranking telecom firm also has some cheap call tariff plans in it’s coffers to offer as well. We dig deep through Glo’s treasury to check that out!

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 – The details

Glo tariff plans 2020


  • On-net calls are calls between two glo subscribers.
  • Offnet calls are calls between a calling Glo subscriber and a receiving subscriber of another operator.
  • Migrating twice into different tariff plans within 30 days attracts a charge of N100
  • If your current package comes with promotional benefits, on migration all would be lost. So as to enjoy the benefits of your new package.
PlansOn-net call rateOff-net call rateOpt-in code
GBAM Plus (Glo 11k/sec plan)11k/sec18k/sec*211#
Gbam Xtra12k/s18k/s*100*6*1
Gbam Hi 5ive18k/s18k/s*100*5*1#
Glo free tomorrow (GFT)30k/s30k/s*300# or *600#
Glo Jumbo38k/s38k/s*224#
Yakata Ultra54k/s54k/s*310# or *230#

GBAM Plus [11k/sec plan]

The Glo Gbam tariff plan, popularly referred to as the 11k/s plan is a rental package from Glo. When subscribed to the plan, you automatically incur a N5 daily rental charge upon initiating a phone call each day.
Notwithstanding, it comes with wholesome benefits perfect for any subscriber frequent with call making. The lows of this package is that it’s rental fee would be charged even when you’ve made no call in 24hrs – a deflection from the usuals of similar package from competing telcos.

Features of Glo Gbam

The features and possible benefits which could be gotten with the plan includes:

  • Onnet call rate:11k/s (glo to glo numbers)
  • Offnet call rate:18k/s (glo to all networks)
  • 20k/sec to selected international destinations.
  • On-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • International: N35/SMS
  • N5 daily rental fee is paid – The N5 daily access fee will still be deducted if no call made for the day.

To migrate to Glo Gbam plan, dial To migrate dial *211#.

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — Infinito

Glo’s Infinito call plan is similar to the SmartConnect, an Airtel plan which houses a similar family and friends package.

Glo infinito

The infinito plan is quite basic with the only highlight being it’s 11k/s rate charged for calls to your 10 family and friends contacts.

Features of Glo Infinito call plan

  • Onnet Calls-26k/s, (glo to glo numbers)
  • Offnet Calls-26k/s (glo to other networks)
  • A modality to add 10 glo numbers as friends and family -call rate to friends and family numbers is 11k/sec
  • Onnet sms -N4, (glo to glo sms)
  • Off net sms-N4 (glo to other networks)
  • Int’l sms-N35 (Int’l sms per page)

To migrate to Glo infinito dial *100*9*2#

GBAM Xtra (Glo 12k/s plan)

This could easily be referred to as the elder brother to the ordinary Gbam plan.

It offers some appealing benefits for subscribers. On-net call rate stands at 12k/s, unlike the one kobo less offered by the Gbam plan. This follows a N7 rental fee, a divergence from the usual N5 fee

Benefits of Gbam Xtra

  • Calling rates of 12K/s to ALL Glo lines
  • 16k/s call rate for phone calls to other networks
  • Daily fee of N7, charged with first call of the day – If no call is made for the day, the fee won’t be charged.
  • On-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Int’l sms-N35 (Int’l sms per page)

Dial *100*6*1 to migrate to Airtel Gbam Xtra!

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — Gbam Hi 5ive

Another tentacle of the Gbam plan, the Glo Gbam Hi 5ive offers discounted call tariffs for a N5 daily rental fee.

Features of Gbam Hi 5ive

  • Onnet call rate:18K/s (glo to glo numbers)
  • Offnet call rate:18K/s (glo to other networks)
  • N5 Daily Rental Fee
  • 11k/s to 5 Glo numbers as Family and Friends
  • Free 5MB daily(However, if account balance is below N5 on any morning, rent will not be deducted and you will not receive the free 5MB)
  • If airtime balance is below N5 on any day, rent will not be deducted and your calls will be charged at 25K/sec (including FnF calls).

To migrate to the Glo Gbam Hi 5ive, dial *100*5*1#

Glo Bounce

The Glo Bounce tariff plan offers discounted call tariffs fortunately at no rental fee.
Off-net and On-net calls are charged at a rate of 17k/s (after first minute of the day) with futher discount for calls between subscribers of the same tariff plan. Full benefits follows below:

Features of Glo bounce

  • Calls for the 1st minute of the day are charged at 40k/s
  • After first minute, Onnet call rate:17K/s (glo to glo numbers); Offnet call rate:17K/s (glo to other networks)
  • On-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Int’l sms-N35 (Int’l sms per page)
  • Campus rate: Onnet-11k/s
  • Peeps rate: Customers on Bounce can call other Bounce customers at a heavily discounted rate of 11k/s and send SMS to same at N3.

To migrate to Glo bounce, dial *170*4#

Glo Bumpa

The ‘Bumpa‘ package comes with an outrageous calling rate(62k/s). This is made less apparent with a 200% airtime bonus on recharges starting from N100. Full benefits of the tariff plan follows below.

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — Bumpa

Features of Glo Bumpa

  • Calls are charged at 62k/sec to all networks
  • Gives 200% bonus on every recharge from N100 and above (can be used to call any network).
  • Bonus validity depends on card denominations: N100/N200 valids for 5 days; N500 bonus valids 7 days; N1000 valids for 7 days N2000/N5000 valids 7 days
  • Check bonus balance by dialing #122*2#

Note: Glo bumpa subscribers are not allowed to make use of Biigy packs, Jollof, Talk Special (Voice Max) and IDD packs

Dial *100*10*1# to migrate to this plan.

Glo Jollific8

The outstanding benefit offered by this plan is it’s 8x recharge offer. It’s call rate is however poor at 74k/s, ridiculing the efficacy of the recharge offer.
Glo jollific8

Features of Glo Jollific8

  • Every recharge gives 8 times the value of recharge amount
  • Every recharge comes with free voice and data bonus
  • All recharges comes with free data which you could gift others
  • Dial #122# for Voice/data bonus check
  • Dial *606# to transfer data gift
  • Bonus validity for all recharge values are 7 days
  • Onnet call rate: 74K/s (glo to glo numbers)
  • Offnet call rate: 74K/s (glo to other networks)
  • Gifting data bonus validity is 60 days.

Note: Subscribers on jollificate cannot partake of the following bonus offers : Glo Biigy, Jollof, Twin Bash (Data Max), Talk Special (Voice Max), IDD Packs.

To migrate to Glo Jollific8, dial *603#

Glo Free Tomorrow (GFT)

Like it’s name, this tariff package is so much unique. The Glo Free Tomorrow plan gifts subscribers the following day a double of whatever(magnitude of airtime) they use today.

With the package, expect 200% of whatever you spend from Main account the following day! How great! A unique way of saving for tomorrow?

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — Glo free tomorrow

Features of Glo Free Tomorrow

Charges from main account

  • Main account – 30k/sec
  • SMS charge – N4/per page
  • Data usage charges – 5k/kb

Charges from bonus account

  • Gift bonus call charge – 64k/sec
  • Data usage charge – 10k/kb
  • SMS charges – N8/per page

More features of the plan

  • To check bonus dial #122# 0r #122*8#
  • Bonus can be used for calls, sms or browsing.
  • Bonus allocation quota: 75% of the bonus – for Glo-to-Glo calls; 25% of the bonus – for browsing, off network and IDD calls to selected destinations.

Note: Subscribers on Free tomorrow profile cannot partake of the following bonus offers : Glo Biigy, Jollof, Talk Special (Voice Max), IDD Packs.

To migrate, dial *300# but if you’re using Iphone/android devices, you may dial *600#

Glo Jumbo

Glo jumbo is a prepaid package that comes pre-loaded with N200,000 bonus. This bonus is unlocked when recharges are done and are to be used for calls and sms to glo numbers only.

  • Locked bonus(N200,000) is valid on the line for 6 months, while bonus the unlocked bonus after recharge is now valid for 7 days.
  • To view locked bonus, dial #122*23#
  • To view the unlocked bonus after recharge, dial #122*24#

Glo jumbo

Note: Subscribers on Glo Jumbo profile cannot partake in Glo Biigy, Glo Jollof, Twin Bash (Data Max), Talk Special (Voice Max) and IDD Packs bonus offers.

Charge rate on Glo Jumbo

  • Calls from Main a/c – 38k/s (glo to all networks)
  • Bonus a/c – 80k/s (glo to glo numbers)
  • SMS – N4 (Local sms per page)
  • SMS – N35 (Int’l sms per page)

To migrate to Glo Jumbo, dial *224#

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — Yakata Ultra

Glo’s Yakata Ultra is a prepaid plan which gifts data and voice benefits to subscribers upon recharges. It is an upgrade to the popular Yakata plan, which is now defunct.

Features of Yakata Ultra

  • Value in main account as well as value in all net voice bonus account can be used to call All networks
  • Value in on net voice bonus account can be used to call Glo lines.
  • Subscribers on Yakata profile are not allowed to make use of bonus offers like glo biggy and IDD Packs.
  • All Recharge bonuses are valid for 7 days.
  • Use *310*1# to view bonuses

Charge rate on Yakata Ultra

  • Calls are charged at 54k/sec (from both main and bonus accounts)
  • SMS is charged at N16/msg both from main account and bonus account.
  • SMS- N35 (Int’l sms per page from main account)

Distribution of bonus according to recharge value

Depending on amount recharged, customer will receive airtime values as follows:

Recharge AmountMain Account CreditAll-Net Voice CreditOn-Net Voice CreditData Volume

To migrate, dial *310# OR *230#.

Glo Tariff Plans 2020 — The Verdict!

The diverse Glo call tariff plans allows each customer to satisfy their browsing and talking needs after each recharge.

Compared with similar plans from other telcos, the above listed plans are good! The important necessity that stands out is choosing the tariff package that suits your activities. If you are more into browsing, good reasoning dictates that you opt for tariff plans that dole out more data benefits. Alternatively, if you are more into call, you will need to migrate to the plans that offer more calling discounts!


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