Glo Stay Home Data Plan – Enjoy up to 20% more data

In recognition of the ordeals currently suffered by Nigerians during this lockdown period, Globacom Nigeria, one of the country’s four main telecom firm has roled out a data palliative tagged: Glo Stay Home Data Plan.

The telecom company in a statement recognises the effects of the novel coronavirus across several homes following state-wide curfews. Numerous businesses have been suspended for weeks. Families have been restrained from outdoor socialization. And workers are encouraged to work directly from their homes.

The end effect means families are now more together, with all partners most often indoor, while businesses (most of them running on a deficit), had to quickly create new strategies or risk extinction.

To heighten the fun and excitement currently enjoyed across families, and in recognition of the calls for a cut in data prices, the company has made an upward review of it’s data packages. The new Glo Stay Home Data plan aims to help customers sustain activities in their businesses, reach out to loved ones and entertain themselves.

The bonus data one receives is however dependent on the size of package bought. that is, “the more data you buy, the more data bonus you enjoy.”

Glo Stay Home Data Plan – In details

Glo Stay Home Data Plan

In the statement, the telecom company stated that it’s N100 data plan which before had offered 90MB to subscribers will now come with a 105MB data value. This signifies a 15MB (17%) additional data.

Similarly, it’s N500 package which formerly went for 1GB would now attract an additional 50MB to total a value of 1.05GB. About 200MB is also added to the N1000 package which would now get a value of 2.5GB as against it’s previous 2.3GB data value. Meanwhile, for the N2000 data bundle, about 550MB is added to it’s previous data value of 5.25GB to total 5.8GB.

The statement also informed that the company’s erstwhile N3,000 – 9GB data plan now comes with a data value of 10GB, an 11% increase from the previous value. The massive augment is seen in the N20,000 bundle which erstwhile had a data cap of 115GB. Globacom now offers a whooping 20% increase, this translating to an additional 23GB bonus data. With the bonus data value added, this revised package totals an appealing138GB.

Glo Stay Home Data Plan – Purchase

The new packages could all be purchased by dialing *777#, and selecting any one of choice. Similarly, purchases could also be made at Glo’s online portal at:

It’s comparative advantages

Globacom Nigeria is widely known as a deserved ‘grand master of data’. The telecom network is a choice one for many who prefer data than calls.

As such, the recent upgrade of it’s data packages comes at no surprise to most subscribers. It’s N1000 data plan which had formerly offered 2.3GB was actually massive compared to the average capped by industry competitors. MTN and Airtel, both having wider market shares than Glo, offers it’s 1.5GB data package for N1000. 9mobile lags behind with just 1GB data value for that price.

The N2,000 data package rolled out by these telcos comes with differing data value. While Airtel offers 3.5GB data for that price, MTN offers 4.5GB. 9mobile’s N2000 data plan has a mere 2.5GB value. These data packs are by far lagging the 5.8GB data value offered by Globacom. Paired with competitor’s products here, Glo seems evidently a lone victor.

However, despite the catchy value of bundles offered by the telecom company, the necessary spread and architecture is still a lacking factor. The telecom firm is considered by many subscribers to be playing catch-up to MTN, and perhaps Airtel, in terms of network efficiency.


Glo Stay Home Data Plan is essentially rolled out to alleviate the data struggles of subscribers. The percentages of data augment across the various packages is fairly good. Bearing in mind that this is the first telecom network in the country since the commencement of lockdown to ease it’s data pricing.

The three other major telecom providers in the country – (MTN, Airtel, 9mobile), including Globacom had recently, while encouraging hygienic adherance, allowed free access to an independent national COVID-19 information portal – Despite the move, subscribers have described these telecom firms as uncharitable. Given that none had actually accented or commented on the calls by Nigerians to slash data prices or better still dole out appealing data gifts to subscribers while on lockdown.

The Glo stay home data plan is the first major market-centered data pricing ease by a telecom firm in Nigeria since the onset of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.


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