Mouth-watering Glo Special Packs and Offers for Seamless Browsing and Calls

Glo is popular for offering customers exceptional and unlimited experiences. With Glo special packs, customers can enjoy seamless and unlimited experiences.

Here are some of the mouth-watering Glo special packs and offers;

Glo Free Data Day Offer

Glo Free Data Day

This is a Glo special pack and offer that enables to customers enjoy a whole day of free data. This simply means that you do not have to subscribe or recharge for a data before you can enjoy this wonderful offer.

Here is how it works;

Within seven (7) days before the free data day, you are expected to do the following in order to enjoy the free data;

  • Recharge at least ₦150 for calls
  • Recharge a data worth of 100MB and above for browsing

Once these are done then watch out for a message from Glo on the free data day (not necessarily October 31 as in the image above) .

Glo 4x Special Packs

Glo 4x gives you four (4) times the value of every recharge you make. This special offer is surely yours provided you recharge at least ₦100 or more. However, the offer is not limited to calls only but can also be used for sms as well as browsing.

With this special pack, you can also reach out to friends and loved ones across over 30 countries of the world.

Glo Jolof Recharge

Glo Jolof

This is a Glo special pack that gives subscribers the lowest call rate as cannot be obtained from other networks. Subscribers on Glo Jolof recharge enjoy calls at rates of about three (3) times cheaper than what it should be. Jolof recharge works on two recharge rates; ₦25 and ₦50. In order to subscribe to this, dial these codes;

*0805*25# and *0805*50# for ₦25 and ₦50 rate offers respectively.

Here is what you stand to gain from this special pack;

  • 3 minutes of calls and 3 SMS at ₦25 or double of these at ₦50. This is very cheap as compared to other networks that charge over ₦15 for a minute call.

Glo IDD Packs

IDD pack is a Glo special pack that enables users to make international calls to about 24 countries at a very cheap rate. To access this pack offer, just dial *777# and then recharge either ₦100 or ₦200 or ₦500 or ₦1000.

What the Offer Holds;

  • 18kobo/sec for ₦100, ₦200 or ₦500 and 15kobo/sec for ₦1000
  • 9 minutes for ₦100, 19 minutes for ₦200, 46 minutes for ₦500 and 111 minutes for ₦1000
  • ₦100 is valid for three (3) days, ₦200 is valid for seven (7) days, ₦500 is valid for fourteen (14) days and ₦1000 valid for 30 days.

Other Glo Special Packs

Glo Special Packs

Besides the aforementioned Glo special packs, Glo also offers Glo Biggy Packs, Glo Smartphone Offers and Glo Flexi.

Each of the Glo special packs has exceptional features. Glo Biggy allows for seamless calls and data with huge bonuses. With Glo Smartphone offer, you stand a chance of getting a free smartphone. Also, Glo Flexi adds flexibility to the way you use voice and data.


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