Glo Reward: How to Win CashTOKEN with GLO

Globacom may not be up to par with other telecoms in quality of service but their loyalty program can sweep anyone off their feet. The telecom giant recently launched the Glo CASHTOKEN loyalty program that allows subscribers to win up to 100 million naira per week.


The recharge-based loyalty program which started on June 16 and is expected to end on September 15 promises to reward participants with awesome benefits plus cashback. The CASHTOKEN loyalty program was introduced by Glo in partnership with CeLD innovations.

How Does Glo CASHTOKEN Loyalty Program Work?

The CASHTOKEN loyalty program works in three simple steps:

  • First, you opt-in for the rewards program by dialing *777#.
  • Recharge your Glo line to accumulate tokens.
  • Check your CASHTOKENs by dialing *6700#
  • Transfer to your bank account and cash out or purchase data/airtime with CASHTOKENs.
How it works

Only prepaid Glo subscribers are allowed to participate in the loyalty program but they must register to the program to participate. The enrolment process is super-easy; simply dial *777# to get started.

If you successfully enroll in the program, Glo will provide you with details of your recharge target for the month within 48 hours. As long as the program is on, enrolled subscribers can expect to receive recharge targets every month.

How to Earn Glo CASHTOKENs on the Loyalty Program

As stated above, the Glo CASHTOKEN loyalty program is recharge-based. This means that you will earn tokens when you recharge. However, you are expected to recharge up to a specified amount of money to earn.

Customers using Glo service for less than 90 days (new customers) will earn their first reward point when they recharge N200 after their opt-in. However, they need to recharge up to N1,000 to earn subsequent points.

Existing Glo customers will earn a cash token when they recharge up to N1,000. Your recharge value for the current month is expected to be higher than that of the previous month.

Note that any recharge value counts but you will earn the point when it accumulates up to the aforementioned values. In other words, you can achieve the N1,000 cumulative recharge by recharging N100 on each recharge.

How to Redeem Your CASHTOKEN

For each CASHTOKEN you earn, you will get an assured cashback of N6. Moreover, you also stand a chance to win from N5,000 to N100 million in weekly lottery draws. If you wish to view your token, simply dial *6700#.

After accumulating a lot of CASHTOKEN, you may want to redeem it. To do this, dial *6700# and follow the options in the menu.

You can use your token value to purchase airtime or data. You can also use it to pay cableTV, LCC or electricity bills. Or you can transfer the value to your bank and cash out the amount.

Other Important Things to Note

Globacom offers multiple cash token benefits for higher value recharges. For instance, if you recharge N5,000, you would get 5 tokens. A recharge of N10,000 will attract 10 tokens. You can also opt-out of the rewards program by dialing *777#.

In conclusion, with the Glo CASHTOKEN loyalty program, prepaid customers can win big on their recharges. Recharges done through E-top up, physical vouchers, or with special recharge strings can all benefit from this promo.


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