Glo Oga SIM – How to take advantage of the 125% Bonus Data

Glo Oga SIM needs no introduction – it is the Holy Grail of data in Nigeria. With Oga plan, Glo establishes itself once again as the king of data. Data plans with the Oga SIM are by far the most beneficial limited data plans in Nigeria, even ahead of Spectranet data plans.

Benefits of Glo Oga SIM

oga sim benefits

Glo is known for offering bonus data even in its “usual” data plans. The ordinary Glo data plan comes with a 25% bonus data. This is why you can have up to 7.2 GB and 15.6GB on subscribing to Glo N2,500 and N5,000 data plans. Ordinary these two data plans should have data volumes of 5.75GB and 12.5GB respectively.

However, in the Oga plan, Glo takes its data bonuses to an entirely new level by offering a 125% data bonus on the main or base data volume. In other words, instead of getting 7.2GB, you will get a whopping 12.9GB in the N2,500 Glo data plan. Likewise, the N5,000 data plan gives 28.1GB instead of 15.6GB.

As a matter of fact, Glo Oga SIM roughly doubles the amount of data you will get no matter the amount you subscribe.

But the real question is: how do you migrate to Oga?

How to Migrate to Glo Oga SIM

how to migrate to oga sim

With the huge benefits you stand to get from the this SIM, you might think that it would be really difficult to migrate, but that’s not so. In fact, migrating to the Oga SIM is effortless, you literally don’t need to do anything.

All you need to do is to purchase a new Glo SIM. When you purchase the new SIM, don’t worry about the tariff plan, it is simply an Oga SIM. New SIMs are not the only SIMs that qualify for Oga benefits, customers whose last data plan expired more than 90 days ago can also take advantage of the feature.

To continue enjoying the huge benefit, you just need to auto-renew your subscription or recharge before your data plan exhausts.

How Long is the Oga SIM Valid?

Furthermore, your SIM will not be an Oga for so long, it just lasts for 3 months. In other words, once you have used the feature for three months, you can no longer access the 125% bonus with that SIM unless you keep it without subscription for the next 90 days. But this is an easy fix, you can get another new Glo SIM to continue enjoying the feature.

The most interesting thing about Glo Oga is that it is just like your usual Glo SIM, the only difference is that you will access higher data volume for the same amount.


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