What You Should Know about Glo Night Plan

Glo night plan may not be a cost-effective option but it is an easy way to get a lot of data to browse all through the night.

Most Nigerians browse at night for several reasons. Firstly, the internet speed at night is usually very high. Rather than downloading files at snail-paced speed, you can download at close to 2MB per second even with a 3G network.

Secondly, most network providers lower their data cost and increase the data volume for night plans.

These and many more make night browsing a perfect way to go for internet users who want to download a lot of files with fast internet and at low cost.

Glo N200 Night Plan

This plan is classified under the flexi plan. Glo offers its subscribers a data volume of 1GB at N200. The data can be used to browse your favorite social network, download files, stream videos, and lots more. In fact, anything you can do with the usual data plan can be done on the Glo N200 night plan.

Furthermore, the plan is valid for one day between 12 AM and 5 AM and it is not shareable but giftable. You can dial *127*60# to subscribe.

Glo TGIF Weekend500

Weekends are not only for chilling out with your friends and family or giving yourself a nice treat, but it is also a time to browse and download as much as you could. With Weekend500, Glo is dedicated to making your weekend even better.

Weekend500 makes keeping tabs with your social media friends, downloading heavy files and streaming videos easy on weekends. With just N500, you can access a data volume of 3GB by dialing *127*61# to subscribe.

The plan is giftable but not shareable and it is valid for 7 days but useable from Saturday 12 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM only.

Comparison of Glo Night Plan to MTN and Airtel Night Plans

Glo is the only network, among the three telecom giants, that offers up to 1GB in its night plan. Airtel offers 200MB for N25 in the SmartTrybe plan for night browsing while MTN offers 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50 in the Pulse Nightlife bundle.

However, the Glo plan is the least cost-effective of the three plans. This is not befitting especially in consideration of its assumed position as “the king of data”.

Rather than purchasing the Glo N200 night plan, it may be better to purchase higher volume plans such as the N5000 data plan and above. In fact, getting a Glo Oga SIM is a more cost-effective option than purchasing the night plan.


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