Glo new Yakata, Glo Yakata and Glo Yakata Ultra – what are the differences

Glo New Yakata was introduced as a replacement to the erstwhile Yakata tariff plan. Brought in late 2019 by Glo telecom, Nigeria’s second largest operator, the package went on to become a popular one.

Glo New Yakata

If you’re one who stays relevant to occurrences in the Nigerian telecom industry, the ways by which operators in the country make extinct popular packages wouldn’t be new to you. They covertly bring down the value of these packages, introducing a less valued one to replace it. This scenario which has recently played out with the Yakata plan was foremostly the case with MTN’s popular iPulse plan.

The case of MTN iPulse

MTN iPulse was a popular tariff package like the Yakata plan, although relatively more popular than the latter due to MTN’s bigger subscriber base. It was sincerely marked-off for just data benefits and subscriptions. Upon each recharge on the iPulse plan, MTN subscribers could get rewarded data value of up to 20MB. This was in addition to airtime bonuses, give-offs and guarded subscriptions restricted only for these set of subscribers.

However, at a time that the package’s popularity was at its peak, MTN covertly and gradually switched users off the package to a new one — the MTN pulse plan. This new plan, which is still in existence till today had less the value of its parent exiled plan. As of today, although the pulse package is still the best data tariff package from the operator, its value has been gleaned off with the passing day, leaving behind a plan which is a show of its former self.

This tactics is not only employed by the yellow-adorned brand alone, but also by all the major operators in the country including Globacom. The indigenous brand has gradually applied that tactics to its Yakata plan.

Glo new Yakata vs Yakata —Glo erstwhile singular Yakata plan was one with benefits

With a population nearing 200 million, majority of which are youths below the age of 40, one wouldn’t doubt that Nigeria is certainly Africa’s largest telecom market.

Being a youthful one, the internet is much frequently engaged by the subscribers of these telecom networks. And the end effect sees affordable data being fiercely fought after by them, with many questioning the rate at which their data gets depleted. A recent article on why mobile data depletes much faster was made to answer such lingering queries.

Setting sights on this need and in justification of its claim of being the country’s only ‘grandmasters of data’, Globacom’s Yakata plan came loaded with data benefits. For instance, then with the package, if you recharge N200, you will get another N200 in your Glo main account, 50MB data benefit, 50MB social data benefit and 250MB data benefit on the first recharge of the month. In the same style, upon making a N500 recharge, you will be rewarded with a N500 airtime in your main account, 125MB data benefit, 125MB social data benefit and 600MB data benefit on the first recharge of the month. The full benefits of it could be accessed on the page containing the full details about the Glo Yakata tariff plan.

Tariff plans now becoming temporary promotionals

Tariff plans released by telecommunication firms are in the passing of the day becoming devices made to lure in subscribers to its network.

Rather than presenting these plans beneficial for all subscribers, selective consideration is made to subscribers who just switched newly into their network (usually for a period of three months) in a bid to lure them in. Thereafter the package would be reviewed right down to its name. This ‘fair weather’ routine of launching and retracting of ‘beneficial’ plans goes on unhindered as far as the operator wishes.

From Yakata to Glo New Yakata

The Glo Yakata plan only survived a year before Glo deemed it proper to repackage it to ‘Glo New Yakata’. Now, this plan had wide changes in call rates, call and data bonuses from the parent plan.

Local and international SMS charged from main account are tariffed at a rate of N4/SMS and N35/SMS respectively for both the Yakata & new Yakata package. For local SMS charged from bonus account, rates are N14/message. The new Yakata floated with a call rate of 70k/s while the Yakata has an offnet call rate of 70k/s and on-net call rate of 55k/s.

Glo Yakata vs Glo New Yakata

The table below shows the dissimilar call and data benefits from the two plans:

PriceGlo YakataNew Yakata
  • N350 bonus credit
  • 50MB on your first recharge of the month
  • 50MB on subsequent recharges that month
  • N300 on-net & 200 all-net bonus credit
  • 25MB data benefit
  • 25MB social benefit
  • N700 bonus credit
  • 250MB on first recharge of the month and 100MB on subsequent recharges that month
  • N600 on-net & 400 all-net bonus credit
  • 250MB for the 1st recharge of the month
  • 50MB each for data benefit and social data benefit on subsequent recharges
  • N1,750 bonus credit
  • 625MB on your first recharge of the month
  • 250MB on subsequent recharges that month
  • N1,500 on-net & 1,000 all- net bonus credit
  • 600MB for the 1st recharge of the month
  • 125MB each for data benefit and social data benefit on subsequent recharges
  • N3,500 bonus credit
  • 1.25GB on your first recharge of the month
  • 500MB on subsequent recharges that month
  • N3,000 on-net & 2,000 all-net bonus credit
  • 1,200MB for the 1st recharge of the month
  • 250MB each for data benefit and social data benefit on subsequent recharges
  • N17,500 bonus credit
  • 6.25GB on your first recharge of the month
  • 2.5GB on subsequent recharges that month
  • N15,000 on-net & 10,000 all-net bonus credit
  • 6000MB for the 1st recharge of the month
  • 1,250MB each for data benefit and social data benefit on subsequent recharges

The Yakata and the New Yakata plans are however no more available to be subscribed to. This was confirmed after contacting one of their customer representatives. To that effect, all their subscribers are now lodged in the Yakata Ultra plan.

The Yakata plan yet again metamorphosed to Yakata Ultra

As the new variant of the formerly known Yakata package, Globacom’s Yakata Ultra shares similar attributes to it. Data benefits are still offerable upon recharge; call bonuses are given on all recharges as well.

The table below shows the distribution of data and airtime bonuses obtainable upon each recharge denomination on the Yakata Ultra plan.

Recharge AmountAll-Net CreditOn-Net CreditData Bonus

Bonuses are valid for only 7 days. To view bonus after recharge, dial *310*1#. Calls made from both main and bonus accounts are charged at a rate of 54k/sec, while an SMS sent using either the main or bonus account is at N16/msg. International SMS are charged only from the main account at a rate of N35/SMS.

Conclusion – Yakata Ultra becomes yet the only resort

Like MTN subscribers who had missed their favourite iPulse plan till date, Globacom subscribers should be convenient with the Yakata Ultra plan which is the replacement to the Yakata plan. There’s obviously little likelihood of Glo floating the Yakata package again, although another plan might yet be manufactured from the Ultra package.

To migrate to Yakata Ultra, dial *310# or *230*1
You can unsubscribe from Glo Yakata Ultra by migrating to another tariff plan. Bear in mind that migration twice under a month attracts a due of N100. Stay updated on Globacom releases!


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