Glo “My Own Don Beta” Promo: Winners Receive Exciting Prizes

As a part of its strategy to empower thousands of its subscribers, Glo launches the Recharge and Win Big promo, also known as the “My Own Don Beta” promo. Since it was launched on the 4th of October, Glo “My Own Don Beta” promo has rewarded hundreds of Glo customers in various Nigerian states with mind-blowing prizes.

But how does this promo work? How can you take advantage of it? What do you stand to win in the Recharge and Win Big promo? How will you claim your prizes? Read on to learn more.

Glo my own don beta promo

How Does Glo “My Own Don Beta” Promo Work

The idea behind Glo “My Own Don Beta” promo is pretty simple. You are required to recharge at least N200 per day to get into the daily entry draw. The more money you recharge in a day, the more entry draws you get.

For instance, if you recharge N400 in a day, you will get 2 entry draws. A recharge of N1,000 gives you 5 entry draws and a recharge of N5,000 gives you 25 entry draws. This also improves your chances of winning per day. It doesn’t matter if you recharge ones or multiple times. The total recharge for the day determines your draws.

Furthermore, the entry draws cannot be carried over the next day. In other words, even if you recharge N10,000 in a day and do not recharge the next day. You have 50 entry draws the day you recharge N10,000 and no entry draw on the day you did not recharge.

Only prepaid and hybrid postpaid Glo customers can qualify for the offer. Note that the offer is lottery-based. In other words, winners are selected randomly from a pool of qualified customers.

What You Stand to Win

Glo “My Own Don Beta” promo promises to reward winners with several awesome prizes. According to David Maji, Glo’s Retail and Customer Sales Chief, winners stand a chance to get items like Industrial Sewing Machines, Tricycles (Keke), generators, and Grinding Mills.

Rather than giving out money, Glo prefers to give winners trade-establishment tools to enable them to set up their own businesses.

Many Glo customers across Nigeria have already reported winning awesome prizes. Just recently, hundreds of people won these prizes in an event held at the Bodija Market in Ibadan. A similar event was also held during the Jos International Trade Fair in which a lot of people also won amazing prizes.

How to Recharge and Claim Your Prize

Recharging your number for Glo “My Own Don Beta” promo is just like any other recharge. Both physical and electronic recharges are allowed and you can win as many times as your number is selected, there is simply no limit.

If you win a draw, you will be contacted by Glo Customer Care through telephone calls only. It is necessary to guard against scammers and fraudsters pretending to be Glo agents; only Glo Customer Care line should be considered as reliable here.

Furthermore, Glo holds prize presentation events in major Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Benin, Onitsha, Jos, and Kano. Winners will be invited to the event and also provided with specific details and locations to get their prizes.

Glo will require you to provide certain details in order to claim the prize. These include a valid identity card, certificate of SIM pack or court sworn affidavit showing your full names, full address ownership of the line, MSISDN, and two recent passport photographs.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can still claim your Glo “My Own Don Beta” promo prize at your convenient date in any Gloworld outlet in the aforementioned cities. However, you will also be required to present the aforementioned documents to claim your prize.


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