What You Stand to Gain with Glo Mobile Money

Glo mobile money, also known as Glo xchange, is a service that allows Glo customers to send and receive money with their mobile phones. The service transforms your mobile phone into a mobile wallet, allowing you to transfer money electronically.

With outlets in several parts of Nigeria, customers can carry out mobile money transactions such as customer registration, bill payments, airtime purchase, cash-in, and cash-out.

Glo mobile money

Benefits of Glo Mobile Money

Glo mobile money offers a lot of interesting benefits. The benefits can be grouped into three categories.

  • It is a fast and convenient service. The mobile money saves time, eliminates queues through broad agency networks, and involves short duration transactions.
  • It is safe. The mobile money reduces transaction risk as it involves transaction through encrypted data technology channels. The transaction is passport protected, making it extremely difficult for fraudsters to access your data.
  • Mobile money is safer than informal means of monetary transfer.
  • Also, it is cheaper to transfer money via mobile money than formal means of money transfer.
  • You can use mobile money on the Glo platform anywhere and anytime and it is available 24/7 unlike traditional means of money transfer.

How Glo Mobile Money Works

To make use of mobile money on your Glo line, you need to first register with the service. After registering, you can access services like cash-in, transfer, cash-out, and bill payment.

Cash-in allows you to exchange your physical cash into electronic cash. You can also send e-money or e-value from one mobile money account to another mobile money account. If you have an e-money and need physical cash, you can easily exchange your e-value for physical cash seamlessly.

Moreover, the mobile money can also be used to pay bills for daily services such as air tickets, cable TV, utility bills and so forth.

For each of these services on Glo mobile money, your transaction will be protected with an encrypted PIN. Furthermore, with mobile money on Glo, you can easily access the awesome power of the Glo platform and leverage 24/7 Glo customer service to get issues resolved at the snap of a finger.

Glo Mobile Money Agents

You can access each of the mobile money services from a mobile money agent. A mobile money agent is a business authorized by Glo and equipped to perform any of these services.

It is easy and rewarding to become a Glo mobile money agent. All you need is a Glo SIM and phone and you can make up to N50,000 and above by being an agent.

To become an agent SMS First name/last name/city/state to 33003. If you are using other networks, send the SMS to 08150033003.

You can also become an agent by filling up a form in the Glo official website. Glo partners with Firstmonie, Ecobank and Standard IBTC bank to offer the Glo mobile money services.


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