Glo Jumbo Plan – Why You Might or Might Not Want It

Glo does not just have a strong point in data services, its interesting offers also make it desirable, Glo Jumbo plan is one such offer.

Glo Jumbo plan isn’t all perfect but it offers mind-blowing credit bonus – a whopping N200,000 bonus. The bonus can be used to chat, talk and browse your favorite social networks as much as you desire.

How to Get Glo Jumbo Plan

Glo Jumbo plan is the default plan that comes with every new Glo SIM. It is more or less the welcome package for Glo. Thus, you don’t necessarily need to do anything to begin enjoying the huge benefit it offers.

However, the offer is not only for new Glo customers. Existing customers can also enjoy the huge offer simply by migrating to Glo Jumbo plan – dial *224# to begin enjoying the plan.

The Catch in Glo Jumbo Plan

The huge credit volume is enough to make most Nigerians migrate to Glo but the credit bonus is not entirely free.

The N200,000 credit bonus is preloaded to new Glo SIM (existing customers will receive the amount upon migration), but the amount is locked. This simply means that you cannot make use of it unless you unlock it.

How do you unlock the Glo Jumbo bonus? By making a recharge either with physical recharge or e-Top up.

The amount you will unlock depends on the amount you recharge. For a recharge of N100, you will get N100 in your main Glo account, N500 in your Jumbo bonus account, and a 50MB data (valued at N1,600). Hence, the total value for N100 recharge is N2,200.

Similarly, on recharging N200, you will get N200 in your main account, N1,000 in your bonus account, 100MB data (valued at N3,200). Hence the total value for N200 recharge is N4,400.

The table below summarizes the Glo Jumbo bonuses on each recharge. You can also recharge multiple times.

Glo Jumbo plan table

Other Features of Glo Jumbo Plan

You can easily check your Glo Jumbo bonus balance. Dial #122*24# to check the locked Jumbo bonus balance, and #122*23# to check the unlocked Jumbo bonus balance.

Furthermore, the Glo Jumbo bonus can be used to call only Glo customers but you can use your main account as much as you want. Also, you cannot use the Jumbo bonus for international calls, to buy data plans or subscribe to any value added service.

Furthermore, the entire N200,000 is valid for 6 months. In other words, the bonus amount becomes invalid after six months of buying the new Glo SIM or migrating to the Jumbo plan, even if you did not exhaust the amount. Unlocked Jumbo bonuses are valid for 14 days.

Lapses and Downsides of the Jumbo Bonus

The unnecessarily high worth tagged to the Glo Jumbo bonus data is its major downside. For instance, Glo tags the Jumbo ‘Additional Data Bonus’ of 50MB a whopping worth of N1,600. Similarly, data bonus of 100MB is tagged a worth of N3,200 and a bonus of 250MB is tagged N8,000.

Obviously, the data bonuses are clearly overrated and that makes little of the Jumbo plan.

Furthermore, you can use the Glo Jumbo plan bonus to make only Glo to Glo calls and the call rate is 80k/sec. This means that the N500 call bonus can last only for 625 seconds or 10.4 minutes, while the N1000 bonus can last only for 1250 seconds or 20.8 minutes. Too poor!


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