Glo International Calling – Rates, details and subscription

Glo international calling is derived from a source word, International calling, which ordinarily is the making of phone calls to a recipient outside of a nationally demarcated entity, usually a country.

These calls are usually transmitted by cable, communication satellites, radio, fiber optics and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP); of which the latter two mediums are contemporarily being employed.

Although both are slightly related, International Roaming shouldn’t be mistaken for International Calling. The former relates to the use of a subscriber details: phone number; network identity; at a unique location outside your local network’s reach (commonly, another country). And the later, International calling, is basically the calling of another subscriber who bases overseas.

Simply put, Roaming deals with taking a strange subscriber module to a new region, while international calling trades with creating a gateway for calls made to outside a home country.

Local calls and international calls have been accrued differing interest, especially with the call rates. The rates charged for calls going outside a particular country is generally higher than the ones made to local receivers.

Naturally, one reacts questionable to this seeming fraud (if really there is any). Giving a judgement to this immediately might be premptive, as such we introduce a subheading, to get a comprehensive overview of why it’s really so.

Why is international calling expensive?

You already know that most times placing call to a receiver who uses a local carrier different from yours attracts increased tariffs. This is due to an interconnect fee being charged by the terminating courier, for using it’s network infrastructure and protocols.

Most times, the duration of calls that emanates from a particular courier to another, along with those from the latter to the former are recorded; and when each couldn’t counterbalance, the cost of the net remainder is paid off by the courier on vantage. This plays out as well in international call, however in a more dutiful way.

Except for adjacent inter-country calls where radio waves could be maintained, calls going long distances are ferried through an intercontinental cable or by use of satellites. Construction of these aren’t cheap, and telcos don’t see-off these projects barely for the fun of it: they gather the money from users and fit it off with profits in return. Domestic and international gateway protocols do also see to the soaring of int’l calling prices.

Meanwhile, although prices aren’t cheap, they aren’t also regularized by government: it’s always agreed by the initiating and terminating couriers. And this playout introduces varying rates for calls to differing countries, all dependent on specific bilateral agreements made by the couriers.

Glo international calling rates

Globacom is Nigeria’s second most subscribed-to telecom operator (as at the time of writing).
Glo international calling

Since its inception into Nigeria in 2003, the indigenous franchise has been pace-setting it its service rendering. The local franchise is the telco which debuted a per-second call billing in the country’s telecommunication scene. This was when grounded early-comers like MTN and Airtel Nigeria thought it unnecessary for its introduction.

Aside the unusual feat, the telecom firm offers the cheapest data bundles among the four popular telco brands in the country. Access the array of Globacom cheap bundles!

Except singly stated, all international calls emanating from glo lines are charged based on a predefined country-specific IDD rates. One exception to this are calls charged from a purchased IDD pack.

Glo IDD packs

The International Direct Dialing Packs are call bundles which offers a more than normal cheap international call rates for calls to sixteen popular calling destinations.

Calling rates are as low as N8.40 per minute, reasonably lower than rates charged by other telcos. However, this rate changes when an IDD packs is exhausted, or when it’s validity has been crossed. The rates now would revert to zone rates of the different countries.

Below are the available bundle and their details:

DescriptionIDD Pack 1Pack 2IDD Pack 3IDD Pack 4
Rental (Naira)1002005001,000
Bundled IDD Airtime Value(N)1002005001,000
Bundled Airtime Rate18k/sec
Bundled Airtime(in minutes)9194693

The following are the sixteen destination countries to which the IDD packs are applicable:

    1. Canada
    2. China
    3. Denmark
    4. India
    5. Ireland
    6. Israel
    7. Malaysia
    8. Mexico
    9. Mongolia
    10. Norway
    11. Puerto Rico
    12. Romania
    13. Singapore
    14. South Korea
    15. UK
    16. US

Purchasing an IDD pack

      • With your active Glo line, dial *777#.
      • Upon making this action, a pop-up message would appear containing options to choose from.
      • From these options, select international call offers.
      • Select the offers of choice to subscribe to it.

Dial #122*1# to access bundle balance.

Glo International calling — End Note

Take advantage of Glo’s IDD pack’s cheap call rates, when calling internationally to 16 countries.

The 18k/s call rate is cheaper than most local call rates. These packs are however not accessible for all customers; reason being that those on some highlighted tariff plans are restricted from this deal. The flagged tariff packages are: Bumpa, Jumbo, Free tomorrow, Jollific8, Yakata, Recoup and Welcomeback.

Aside this clause, all new & existing customers can opt for any of Glo’s IDD pack.


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