Glo free tomorrow call plan (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

Glo free tomorrow - GlobacomIn the ever competitive Nigerian telecommunication business, Globacom comes up with one of the best offers for their customers called the glo free tomorrow call plan.

The Nigerian telecommunications sector has evolved to the point where the race to outdo each other is now a full time job, and while the other telecommunication companies have been ahead for a while, glo’s latest offer to its subscribers may just have put them miles ahead in the race for better service and more subscribers. The free tomorrow plan which Globacom introduced to reward its loyal customers has the whole country in frenzy and their customers smiling a lot better.

What is Glo free tomorrow all about?

The free tomorrow call plan actually is very easy to access and understand. It is just a matter of whatever amount of credit you use for calling, texting and surfing the internet for one day like, today, will be given back to you the next day for making calls, sending text and also surfing the internet absolutely free. Imagine using 1000 naira today on calls, text messages and surfing the internet and then getting exactly that 1000 naira worth of airtime free the next day. Isn’t that awesome?

There are no gimmicks involved and joining the plan takes just one easy step. Dial *300# to get started and that is it. Globacom has jumped ahead of the competition with this ingenious way of getting more customers while rewarding current customers, hence cementing their place as one of the foremost telco companies in Africa.

This offer by Globacom will have the other telecommunication companies raising their standards a lot higher and they will be finding ways to bring better offers to their subscribers. One thing is very sure for now and that is the Glo free tomorrow plan has started a revolution that will see other telecoms companies doing more for their subscribers.

Here it is again another amazing offer from one of the mobile networks in Nigeria. Comment if you agree or if you disagree…


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