Glo Data Packages and Plans Every Glo Customer Should Know

No doubts, Glo data packages and plans rocks. Glo customers hold tenaciously to it for many reasons but most importantly for its mouth-watering data plans. Even with its reported incessantly bad networks, Glo still claims a substantial customer-base, thanks to its awesome data plans.

Here are some interesting Glo data packages and plans every Glo customer should know.

glo data packages and plans

Plans with the Lowest Price Rate

Glo offers remarkably low-cost data plans for customers on a low budget. These include the Glo ₦25, ₦50 and ₦100 data plans. These are the cheapest data packages and plans in Glo network.

Here is a synopsis of this plan.

  • Ensure you recharge an amount above any of these prices.
  • Dial *127*32# for N25, *127*14# for N50, and *127*51# for N100.
  • You will receive 10MB, 22MB or 80MB for N25, N50, and N100 data plans respectively.
  • Bonuses for each are 2.5MB, 5.1MB and 20MB respectively.
  • Each of these plans is valid for one day.

₦200 Data Plan

The N200 Glo data plan and package offer higher data benefits than the aforementioned plans.

An overview of this plan is given below.

  • You need to recharge an amount above N200 on your Glo line.
  • Dial *127*56# to subscribe to the plan.
  • You will receive 210MB.
  • Bonus for this is 52MB.
  • This plan is valid five (5) days.

Glo N500 Data Plan

The Glo N500 data package and plan is an interesting plan for Glo subscribers who need more data volumes for calls, chatting and streaming.

Here is a must-know on this plan.

  • Recharge N500 or any amount above it.
  • Dial *127*57# to subscribe.
  • You will receive 800MB.
  • Bonus for this is 200MB.
  • This plan is valid fourteen (14) days.

Glo Data Packages and Plans with Higher Volumes

If you are a heavy data user, the aforementioned plans may not strike your cord. Glo higher volume data packages and plans are available for you to leverage.

Glo has a plethora of these plans. The options range from N1000 through N5000 and N10000 and up to N20000.

  • Recharge appropriate amount depending on the plan you want.
  • Dial the appropriate code accordingly. *127*53# for N1000, *127*2# for N5000, *127*11# for N10000, *127*33# for N20000 and so forth.
  • The plan coverage is also similar to the aforementioned plans. The higher the amount, the higher the coverage. You will receive 1.6GB, 12.5GB, 26GB, and 63GB for N1000, N5000, N10000 and N20000 plans respectively.
  • The bonuses also increase You will have 400MB, 3.1GB, 6.5GB and 15.75GB bonuses for each of the respective plans.
  • These plans are for Thirty (30) days duration each.
  • Other higher volume plans Glo data packages and plans include N2000, N2500, N3000, N4000, N8000, N15000, and N18000. Their features follow a similar trend as shortly discussed.


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