Two Crazy Glo Data Offers You Should Try

Glo may not be the best network to choose if you are considering speed and reliability, but Glo data offers will surely blow you away. Glo Oga SIM needs no introduction, it offers a whopping 125% on the network’s data plan.

Even with its already awesome data offers, especially on Glo Oga SIM, Glo is still in the business of releasing newer and better data plans.

Recently, MTN revamped its data plan and introduced some new data plans. Notable among the newly introduced MTN data plans are the N300 for 1GB data plan and the N500 for 2GB data plan and these two data plans have a validity period of 1 day. Interestingly, Glo has followed suit.

Glo Data Offers

Glo New Daily Data Splash Plans

The new Glo data plan, known as the daily splash plan is very similar to the MTN new daily data plan.

Just like MTN, Glo now offers two special data offers. The daily data splash 300 data plan is valid for one day and offers a data volume of 1GB while the daily data splash 500 is also valid for one day and offers a data volume of 2GB.

Just like any other Glo data plan, these two Glo data offers are sharable, giftable and are available to any new and existing Glo customer.

However, unlike other Glo data plans, the daily data splash plans are not renewable but you can stack the plans on top of itself. In other words, you can subscribe to any of the data plans multiple times.

These plans take priority above other “usual” Glo data plans. In other words, if you had data from some other data plans before purchasing the daily splash plan, Glo will automatically pause the existing data until you exhaust the data from the daily splash plan.With these two awesome Glo data offers, Glo maintains its stance in the simmering and interesting competition taking place in Nigeria’s telecom sector.


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