Glo Cloud: The Solution for Securing Your Digital Life

With the advancement in mobile technology, digital data (in the form of videos, images and documents) are produced regularly. Storing these data is a real challenge and most times the data is lost in the process. However, with Glo Cloud, Glo customers can easily store and backup their digital life

Cloud storage app

How Does Glo Cloud Work?

To store digital content on Glo Cloud, you need to first download the application from Apple Store or Google Play. After installing the application on your device, you can then request the service to subscribe to the pack.

The cloud storage application offers several sizes of data. You can go for as much as 2TB storage or even unlimited storage. If you don’t want to store a lot of data, the 50GB storage option may be adequate for you; this allows you to store up to 50GB of data.

After downloading and installing to your device, you will need to create an account on the platform. In creating the account, you will be required to provide your phone number and choose your choice tariff plan.


Pricing for Glo Cloud depends on the storage size you want. For instance, while the storage size of 50GB costs just N250 per month, storage of 2TB costs N990 per month and the unlimited storage option costs N1,990 per month.

Furthermore, you can also benefit from the one-month free subscription when you subscribe to the offer. Note that subscription can either be for a one-time plan or an auto plan. The amount will be deducted from your available airtime balance.

Benefits of Glo Cloud

The cloud storage application offers a lot of advantages. Essentially, it allows Glo customers to store files anytime they want and your files follow you everywhere you go. You don’t have to lose your mobile content for any reason. Here are other benefits of Glo Cloud.

  • You can automatically backup your files and content to keep them private and safe.
  •  You can quickly access your content anywhere from your computer, smartphone, and tablet.
  • By backing up your content in the cloud, your phones can be freed up and you can easily get new files on the device.
  • Glo Cloud makes it easier to share your videos and files online and on your favorite social networks.

Canceling Your Subscription

There are two ways to cancel your Glo Cloud subscription.

  • Firstly, you can send “Unsub” to 7671. After this, you can log in to your account and click “unsubscribe”.
  • You can also unsubscribe from To begin with, click on the Glo Cloud section, then click on “My Account” and then “unsubscribe”.

In conclusion, Glo Cloud offers a lot of benefits, allowing you to upload and manage your videos, documents, and images online. You can free up your phones by backing up your content in the cloud; this also makes sharing files online with your friends easy.


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