Glo Call Barring – How It Works

Glo call barring allows Glo customers to place a restriction on certain call services. With this feature, you can restrict incoming and outgoing calls; you can even choose to restrict national and international calls with call barring on your Glo line.

How Glo Call Barring Works

Glo call barring

To make use of call baring on Glo, you need to activate the service but this requires a barring code. Like most other Glo features, the default barring code for call barring is 0000 but this can be changed to any other 4-digit code of your choice.

It is easy to change the call barring code. Just dial **03*330 *old barring code*new barring code *new barring code# and then send.

When you set up call barring on your Glo line, it not only affects your voice call services but it also affects some other services like data, SMS and fax. Also, note that call barring will not work on your Glo line if diverts are active on the line.

Setting Up and Cancelling The Feature

Glo provides various USSD codes for setting up and canceling the call barring feature. For instance, to set up call barring for outgoing national calls, you need to dial *33*your barring code# and send. To cancel call barring for national calls, dial #33*your barring code# and send. You can check the national calls call barring feature by dialing *#33# and send.

You can also set up incoming national calls call barring. To activate this feature, dial *35*your barring code# and send. To cancel incoming national calls call barring, dial *35*your barring code# and send and to check the status of the call barring feature, dial *#35# and send.

You can also set up call barring for outgoing international calls and incoming calls when roaming.

Call barring is great but it can sometimes be annoying. This is why Glo provides a way to cancel all call barring whether it is for outgoing calls, incoming calls, national or international calls. To do this, dial #330*your barring code# and send.

The table below summarizes the process of activating call barring, canceling it, and checking the status.

Glo call barring codes

In conclusion, Glo call barring is an awesome feature, allowing you to restrict certain incoming and outgoing calls whether national or international calls. By dialing some simple USSD codes, you will be able to bar or cancel any type of call on your Glo line.


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