Glo Berekete Tariff Plan – Details, Subscription and Rates

The second placed mobile telecom operator in Nigeria, Globacom has debuted a new call plan tagged: the Glo Berekete tariff plan for its new and existing subscribers. Glo Berekete call plan rewards subscribers with call and data bonuses upon each recharge of N100 and above.

In recent weeks, the major telecom operators have been rejiging the values of their products in a move to outsmart each other. To this, it would have been surprising not to see Globacom, the aclaimed grandmaster of data, join in the spree. The full details of this exciting call plan are as follows.

Eligibility – The clauses

Now, this new product isn’t a promotional — Glo has unequivocally stated that its Berekete plan is a tariff plan and not an temporary promo. This plan as was identified above isn’t restricted for only new subscribers but for both new and existing users. However, there is a restriction on how the airtime could be expended.

Glo Berekete tariff plan

Glo Berekete’s airtime bonuses cannot be used in placing calls to international destinations. Although Glo hasn’t made mention of these user’s eligibility for Glo international bundles, those are worthy trial especially for users who frequently make such calls.

Furthermore, Glo Berekete’s bonuses cannot also be used while roaming and while making both local and international SMS.

Glo Berekete Tariff Plan Call Rates

Calls made from the main account balance are charged at 36k/sec while calls made from the voice bonus accounts are charged at a rate of 77k/sec. Furthermore, calls charged from the one-off welcome bonus is at a rate of 70k/sec. These rates are way higher than those charged on the unique 11k/s tariff plan.

It should be noted that SMS are charged at a rate of N4/message from the airtime account.

What you stand to gain from Glo Berekete tariff plan

The following are the various benefits obtained by being on the Berekete call tariff subscription.

Glo Berekete Tariff plan’s Bonuses and Benefits

For new subscribers on the network

  1. Upon successful activation of their lines, a welcome bonus of N600 is given all new customers. According to the operator,

    Successful activation means registering your SIM, recharging with minimum of N100 and making a first call.

  • New customers are slated enjoy up to 100% bonus on every data plan they buy, every month for 4 months. Checkout the catalog of Glo data plans

For both new and existing subscribers on the network:

  1. A 700% bonus on every recharge for calls to all networks and for browsing
  2. Additional 250% data bonus on 1st recharge of the month, every month for 4 months. This means that for the first four months of being on the plan, you would rewarded with a 250% data bonus which is in addition to other subsisting bonuses.
RechargeBonus Value (700%)All-Net Voice BonusData Bonus Special Data Bonus *

* Special Data Bonus: Given on first recharge of the month.

Both voice and data bonus are valid for 7 days from when your line is credited

The welcome bonus in details

The N600 welcome bonus offered new subscribers are distributed as follows:

  • N400 to call all networks at the rate of 70 kobo per second.
  • N200 to use for data at the rate of N1/mb giving a 200MB data value.

It should be noted that the welcome bonus is a one-off benefit. It is obtainable upon the first recharge with which you activated your new SIM. Subsequent recharges are only entitled to the 700% bonus.

Glo Berekete Subscription and code

Glo Berekete

The following are the USSD codes applicable on the Berekete call plan:

  • How do I subscribe to the Glo Berekete tariff plan? Dial *230# from your Glo existing line to subscribe to the plan. Note that multiple migrations to tariff plans within a month attracts a N100 fee.
  • How to check Glo Berekete bonus? To check the bonus given upon recharges on the Berekete plan, dial *230*1#.
  • To unsubscribe from Glo Berekete tariff plan? In order to migrate out of the Berekete tariff plan, all you need to do is to migrate to another glo call plan.

It might still go the way of the Yakata plan

By any measure, the new Berekete tariff plan is a value-packed one and by virtue of this, it would surely see its way towards popularity.

However, would it stand the sands of time? An erstwhile call plan which was named Glo Yakata survived just few months after garnering popularity. Its name was changed to Glo new yakata then to Glo Yakata ultra and its value couldn’t survive the rejig as well. What was left behind after this was a tariff plan striped of its then glittering value, leaving a suggestion that it was merely a coy meant to attract subscribers.

Whether or not this latest addition would be suchlike is yet to be known.


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