Enjoy More Talk Time on Glo Amebo

Glo Amebo

Glo Amebo allows you to talk bellefull to all networks.

Being an Amebo is not bad at all, in fact, Glo encourages it. Glo Amebo is very similar to Airtel TalkMore. Just like Talk More, Amebo provides Glo subscribers with 5X the value of their recharge to call all networks in Nigeria as well as 5 international destinations.

The major difference between Amebo and TalkMore is that while TalkMore offers price bundles from N60 to N3,000, Amebo’s recharge amount ranges from N100 to N1,000.

Top Features of Glo Amebo

Unlike Airtel TalkMore, Glo Amebo or 5X recharge offers are available only to Glo prepaid customers in Nigeria. However, the plan can be used to call international destinations such as the United States, Canada, China, India, and the United Kingdom.

However, if you wish to call an international destination aside from the aforementioned destinations, your call will be charged from the main account and not the 5X bonus account.

Note that the 5X bonus can also be used for SMS and browsing, however, the tariff rate is higher than usual Glo tariff rate.

Validity Periods and Costs

There are basically four recharge amounts available in Glo Amebo – N100, N200, N500, and N1,000 recharge amounts.

As you would expect, the Amebo N100 recharge amount gives a total volume of N500 and the N200 amount gives N1,000. Both are valid for 14 days. However, the N500 and N1,000 recharge amounts give N2,500 and N5,000 5X bonus respectively and both are valid for 30 days.

This is summarized below.

Glo Amebo cost

The Amebo bonuses cannot be used for any other purpose aside from the ones mentioned above. For instance, they cannot be used to purchase data, SMS, voice or VAS packages and they cannot be shared or transferred to another Glo customer.

Just like Airtel MoreTalk, the major downside of the Glo Amebo is its cost. As a matter of fact, the cost can dissuade most Glo customers from using the service. Calls to all networks and the 5 international destinations are charged at 60 kobo per second. SMS is charged at a whopping N20 per SMS while data or browsing is charged at N5 per MB.

This is summarized in the table below.

Amebo rate

Toping Up on Glo Amebo

No matter the Glo tariff plan you use, it is easy to top up on Glo Amebo. Furthermore, you can only access the Amebo benefits if you recharge any of the following amounts: N150, N250, N300, N400, N600, N700, N800, N900, N1,200, N1,500, and N4,000. Note that e-top ups other than these will not receive the benefits, they will be credited to the main account.

Also, the Glo Amebo benefits do not apply to airtime received by borrowing credit or through EasyShare.  

In addition, it is important to make use of your 5X bonus before the validity period expires, otherwise, it will be wiped out. Alternatively, you can top-up on the existing bonus; when you do, the entire bonus will assume the validity period of the last top-up.

On the contrary, if you fail to use or top-up your Amebo balance before the validity period, the bonus will be erased.Glo Amebo is an interesting offer. To get the offer, simply recharge by dialing *555*PIN# or top-up specified denominations to get started.


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