Glo 11k/s prepaid voice plan (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

GloGlo World is one of the super mobile networks in Nigeria and today you are about to discover one of their very exciting voice plans.

Nigeria can boast of over 4 giant networks providing mobile call and data services in different capacity. Previously, we have discussed MTN and Airtel plan, today Glo World plan is on the lookout. Our aim is to offer information about different call plan options that could make you save money.

Glo 11k/s prepaid voice plan

Glo 11k/s prepaid voice plan
Today we introduce the 11K per second prepaid plan offered by Glo World Nigeria. It is said to be the cheapest so far in the market and specifically created for people who desire to spend less and talk longer. Therefore it is for everyone and an exciting offer because it is the best call rates anywhere (so says Glo world). How true is this claim?

Perhaps there are other offers that probably beat this claim of “cheapest call rate”, well in due time, we will get to know, only if you follow the series that exposes different network offers in Nigeria.

Accessing the plan

We have a huge list of access codes to different mobile networks packages in Nigeria in our website, so you don’t have to really search anywhere else. (That is by the way).

For current and new prepaid customers, you are expected to migrate to 11k/s plan to start enjoying it. Start today to make very exciting calls at ridiculously cheap rates to all networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations like UK, US, Canada, India, and China at 20k/s. Text messaging is 4 naira, while international SMS is 10 naira.

Daily connect rate is 5 naira, access fee of 5 naira is charged when you make the first call of the day and it is valid until 11.59pm daily.

Glo World offer rate is low indeed. Is anyone enjoying less call rate? Please sing about it in the comment section, we will like to hear it.


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