Glo 11k/s tariff plan – is this new package the cheapest from the operator?

Globacom Nigeria’s new call package which is tagged: Glo 11k/s tariff plan promises subscribers an unwavering rate of 11 kobo per second throughout all minute of call.

The package although at first sight seems interesting is actually a tricky one. Glo telecoms Nigeria is one of the major telecomunication operators in the country and is rarely known for call benefits. The telecom operator floats its franchise on an affordable data branding, delivering consistent cheap data packages for its subscribers which has grown over the years. Glo’s data bundles are presently the cheapest among the four prominent operators in the country by miles.

Glo 11k/s tariff plan

The move to float the tariff package could be to get more hold on its subscribers who prefer calls to data or both. It should be noted that Airtel, 9mobile and even the market leader, MTN, offer an uninclined data and call benefits for its subscribers unlike Glo. This means that the call offers by the remaining telcos are to a certain extent better than those from the indigenous brand.

The Glo 11k/s tariff plan is a revamped one

Although the official statement from Globacom states that its newest plan is a novel one, it isn’t so. The plan is a refined one from its old 11k/s plan and much of the details of the former are well present in this latter. The minor changes though are on the positive and according to the operator, this new plan is a favourable one especially during this trying pandemic period.

Yet still, there are some catches

To stay profitable or to widen the margin of it, telecommunication operators initiate clauses which would influence a subscriber to deplete his/her airtime reserve and afterwards purchase another. As with the old plan, such has been introduced in this one.

A daily rental fee upon initiation of call is charged with this tariff plan. The N7(N7.17 with tax inclusive) access fee isn’t chargeable if a subscriber hasn’t made a call for the particular day. This is unlike the old plan which wasn’t considerate as it did charge users every single day. However, subscribers wouldn’t be able to initiate a call without the minimum retal fee.

With the new 11k/s tariff plan, be definitely assured that you wouldn’t be able to access promotional offers. There are also no call bonuses on this plan, although subsisting data bonuses would still apply to subscribers. On each recharge, your airtime would be the only value given, there is no recharge-influenced data or call bonus on the plan.

According to the indigenous operator, although its international calling rates still subsist, Globacom’s value-packed IDD packs wouldn’t be obtainable on this package.

More details about the plan

As said above, the international zone calling rates rather than those of the cheap IDD packs continue with this plan. On-net calls (glo – glo calls) are charged at 11k/s and so is off-net (glo – other network) calls. Local and international SMS rates are N4/SMS and N35/SMS respectively. Browsing with airtime is at a rate of N1/MB.

glo 11k/s tariff plan in details

Having got the full picture of the tariff plan, you could see that its bargaining point is the N11k/s charging rate. If upon a recharge of N100, you intend exhausting it on one single day, you get about 14.06 minutes of calling. You can compare this with the best from each of the major four telecom operators in the country.

Meanwhile, dial *311# to activate the new glo 11k/s tariff plan.

How it compares with competing packages

Recently, telecom operators in the country have made reviews to their call plans and these actions are mostly undertaken to reduce the value of it. Industry leader, MTN, earlier in the year refreshed its call packages as captured in our ‘MTN tariff plans 2020‘ article.

Airtel and 9mobile also made changes to their packages. Glo did theirs as well but in a milder way, that is, only little changes were made.

This newly introduced package compared to similar packages is just average. The N7 access fee clause and much cheaper rate is widely adopted by telcos, with few being this expensive.

Verdict: Is the 11k/s tariff plan worth it?

From the details of the package, it is obvious that this is just another of the industry’s regular call plans. There’s nothing so special about the publicised plan, beckoning a much needed attention from subscribers in descerning packages manufactured by these telcos. To enhance this, all updated call packages and plans from the major telecom operators, as well as in-depth analysis of them could be found on this portal.


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