It is New, Trendy and Revolutionary: Check out the new Gionee M5 Mini

The incredible thing about Gionee M5 Mini isn’t the phone’s amazing quality and design, but the fact that it is listed among mobile phones that will be remembered in the world of Smartphones.

The fact is, many phones today are simply incredible because producers are bending over backwards, working hard day and night to outshine and oust their competitors. So, the result is excellent phones; however, only few phone devices could be said to have memorable potentials like the Gionee M5 Mini. What exactly is responsible for the success of this device? The answers are showcased below, happy reading.

Criteria for picking the best phone brands

Before I go ahead to review this device, please take note that devices that made it to my lists of  “the best” are based on popularity, rate of sales, storage, speed, RAM flexibility, designs, and camera quality.

Gionee M5 Mini review

Gionee M5 Mini - Mobile Phone
The device possesses a measurement of 143.5mm and 71 by 9.6mm. It was exclusively designed to provide memorable Smartphone knowledge for a very long time to come. Virtually, time, precision, skill and experience were combined to make the phone a potential for an unforgettable Smartphone experience. Check out its splendid display having a screen created from high definition IPS switching; this remarkable feature guarantees the superb quality view from different angle on its LCD.

It has what you will describe as genuine-solid performance and that is thanks to SUPERB MEDIATEK mt6580 feature, plus average functioning CPU, maximum clock pace of 1,300 MHz. If you have been searching for a device that can multi-task, you’ve got it with this magnificent baby. It is created on the RISC model techniques which are known to execute instructions pretty fast.

I have always loved devices built with sound system better described as excellent; thanks to its in-built DTS (digital theatre system).

A device with an astounding camera quality will always go down as the best anytime, any day like the one built into this phone. The camera is simply one of the best having 5MP F.F camera plus a fantastic feature to boost facial looks and a back camera of 8MP.

Other features

The battery is long lasting having 4000mAh providing almost 2 weeks standby time and continuous 22hrs audio music experience for 18hrs non-stop. The charge time is hyper fast. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi, GPS, version 4.0 Bluetooth, WCDMA, GSM, Android 5.1 and inner memory of about 16GB and much more.

You can buy this phone online from popular Nigeria internet stores like Konga.

Here you have it, Gionee M5 Mini smart phone review. It is excellently created and designed to remain memorable in the Smartphone genre. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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