Resources To Get That Perfect Family Data Share Plan

All the mobile networks in Nigeria offer family data share plans that allow people within the same network to get access to internet functions anywhere they are.

The four mobile giants in Nigeria are seriously tugging it out in the attempt to show which network is the best in the Nigeria. As a result they come up with different mouthwatering and cost saving packages like data share plans. Using telcoinsider’s extensive resources we will discover which network’s data share plan is actually the best for you.

Data sharing and principles

Family data share plan is an offer within the internet data plan package that allows easy distribution of data to anyone within the same network. However, for this package to work there must be a sponsor through which data is transferred to others anywhere they are within the same network. The sponsor is “you” the owner of the main bundle, while beneficiaries are your family members or friends who are direct beneficiaries of data largesse.


There are several benefits associated with sharing data; but, before we discuss it, check out this scenario. A home made up of father, mother, and 2 to 3 children each of them having a laptop or mobile device. If father bought a data plan of 3gig, the plan allows him to share amongst his family anywhere they are. So, from this illustration, the benefits of this package are glaring and they are: flexibility, convenience, and cost-saving advantage.

MTN/Glo vs. Airtel/Etisalat data sharing

One of the limitations is that some networks like MTN and Glo’s data sharing does not allow data cuts. The sponsor has to register the beneficiaries who will be provided access to the data. On the other hand, Airtel and Etisalat provide a super flexible plan that allows the sponsor to cut the data and allocate a certain amount to the beneficiaries. Therefore, Glo, MTN, Etisalat, and Airtel may be providing similar data packages; but Airtel and Etisalat step-up the game by making it more flexible giving the sponsor a control over his/her data.

Where does Router come in?

Alternatively, if you feel that the data share plan of these networks doesn’t go down well with you, buy a router or Wi-Fi modem instead. The benefit is the ability to connect to any network, and on the flip-side are the disadvantages, which include: one-time investment requirement and data control limitations.

At telcoinsider we believe that customers should be well informed before they make any purchase decision.

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