Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

Four mobile telecom networks means hyper–active market filled with competitive brands. Therefore the stage has been set for the best package to come forth: has Etisalat nailed it?

Agents on a crystal clear missionIn a competition there is a race for supremacy just like its the case of MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat. These companies are tugging it out by producing different voice and data packages that will wow the market. Many of the packages have successfully stunned the market, but nothing beats Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution.

I have my personal opinion for declaring this bumper package the best so far, you will get to find out in this article. This is an unbiased review because I am not an Etisalat subscriber, but when I see something good, I review it and that is what I do. For those looking for what could be called the best package so far (that is until it is kicked out by a better one), you have just stumbled into one.


The EasyFlex Evolution is exactly what it is, an answer to years of quest to actually get a package that provides a complete voice and data solution. According to the network, the plan was created to fit your style. It provides opportunity to get much more than you paid for.

The plan is actually three folds of recharge actions that yield different voice and data benefits. In every recharge, the user will get to choose between two categories: voice and data. The category you choose will award you high value of either category (data or voice) and less value of a secondary category.

EasyFlex Evolution Features

Agent Data is a killerThe features include 2000 naira, 5000 naira, and 10,000 naira recharges. After a successful recharge, you will be prompted to choose either voice or data. For 2000 naira recharge, 5,500 naira call time will be offered to make local and international calls, plus 250MB data. If you select data, 1GB data plus 1,500 talk time for local and international calls will be given to you.

A 5000 naira recharge under the data category will earn you 2GB data plus 5000 naira talk time for local and international calls, and if it is voice, you will get 15,000 naira talk time for both local and international calls and 500MB data.

The third category is 10,000 naira recharge. Under voice you will get 30,000 naira talk time and 1GB of data whereas under data you will get 5GB data and 10,000 talk time to all local and international networks.


It affords people the opportunity to receive double deals like killing two birds with one stone. You can get both data and talk time opportunity through one recharge with a validity period of 30 days for all of the three plans.

Call time bonus is very effective as it is not only restricted to calls within the same network. So you can really make use of the bonus.


It is relatively expensive as everyone cannot charge their phones with 2000 naira which happens to be the lowest recharge rate.

However, for active browsers requiring constant data usage, the minimum recharge is actually a great bargain as they can choose data and still have enough balance to make calls to “all networks.”

Personal opinion

I think this package is the best so far because you will get adequate bonuses that allow you to make calls to any network. The emphasis is “adequate voice bonus” and “any network.”

The promo video is quite.. neat… No need to be agent data to watch it


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