Etisalat Easy Starter Plan (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

EtisalatEtisalat is the 4th Mobile Network to make their way into the Nigeria’s vibrant mobile telecommunication market. Like other networks, they offer different call and data plans.

Etisalat is known generally for their generosity in offering bonuses and low rates to their customers. Well that is what I have heard, and writing about this series that reveals different network packages will provide me the opportunity to find out for sure. Today, our interest is “Easystarter” call package offered by Etisalat. You may have heard about it, and by virtue of using the plan, you would probably know something more or nothing at all.

Etisalat Easy Starter Plan

Etisalat Easy Starter Plan
If you have many friends and family you would like to maintain constant contact, this plan is for you. The reason is that it helps to keep families and friends constantly talking and in touch with events in their lives. This package is unique because should you exhaust your call time, their receiver pays service is there to ensure you keep making calls. It comes with excellent rates and absolutely no subscription or charge fees.


  1. It offers 300 naira free for 7 days to call 5 Etisalat numbers of your choice, but you must have a balance of 200 naira to access this plan. Alternatively, if you recharge 100 naira weekly, you will be qualified to use the call 5 free numbers.
  2. You get 10MB data per week when you recharge 100 naira
  3. There is also the receiver pays feature that allows users to make calls even when they are out of call time while your receiver picks the charges.
  4. If you make up to 25 naira in a day, your call charges will drop starting from 40k/s to 20k per second daily.

Well you have it, Etisalat Easy Starter Plan, excellent for making family calls. Also, you could get a chance to call as low as 20 naira per minute should you spend 25naira daily. Do you have a comment or information about a better plan, do share it. And as always, share our page to your friends in social networks.


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