Enjoy Super-fast Internet with Airtel 4G

The world is going so fast and so should you. It is easier now than ever to browse the internet at incredible speed, thanks to Airtel 4G. With an incredible download speed of 28.45 Mbps and upload speed of 8.77 Mbps, you surf the internet, download large-sized videos and files and wield the awesome power of the internet easily.

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Furthermore, 4G allows you to enjoy a more seamless data experience and better network quality. This makes a lot of features possible such as video and voice calls, HD video streaming, online gaming, and downloads at incredibly high speed.

How to Enjoy Airtel 4G

Just like other Airtel features, Airtel 4G is easy to use. To begin using and enjoying 4G LTE on Airtel, you need to first get a new 4G SIM or upgrade your already existing Airtel SIM to 4G.

Moreover, not all phones are 4G enabled. Your 4G will not work unless you use it on a 4G capable phone. You can begin by checking if your phone is 4G enabled by dialing *121# and choosing 4G services or by browsing through the list of 4G capable phones to find the most suitable phone to use. You can also get a 4G capable Dongle or MiFi.

Even if you have a 4G capable phone with an Airtel 4G SIM, you may still not enjoy 4G LTE if you are not within an area with the network’s 4G coverage. You can check if your area has the 4G coverage here.

Awesome Benefits and Features of Airtel 4G

Besides the superfast internet speed, improved network quality, better data experience, and lots more, Airtel 4G offers a slew of other awesome benefits and features.

On activating your 4G SIM, Airtel will give you a free 4GB data valid for 7 days. The 4G data can be used just like any other Airtel data for surfing the internet, downloading and uploading videos, audios, and files at standard rates.

Furthermore, you will receive 25% of your data recharge amount of N500 and above the first three months of activating 4G. However, the free 4GB data and 25% data bonus can only be used on the 4G network.

If you recently upgraded to a 4G SIM and 4G phone, text “GET” to 141 to begin enjoying double data for the next three months. The double data is also available on a brand new 4G SIM but it comes by default.

Conclusively, 4G is similar to 3G in so many ways but it is a lot faster and better. In addition, Airtel 4G uses the same data plans and is charged at the same rate as Airtel 3G.


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