Understanding Data Rollover in Spectranet

Every telecom in Nigeria has data rollover features, Spectranet is no different. Data rollover works a bit differently in Spectranet than it does in other networks. Rollovers are applied only to unused data in the previous billing cycle. You can carry the data over to the next month’s billing cycle.

data rollover in spectranet

Exceptions to Data Rollover in Spectranet

Some data plans in Spectranet do not have data rollover features. In other words, once the validity period for these plans exceeds, you may no longer access the internet unless you purchase another data plan – even if you didn’t use or exhaust the data.

Data rollover is excluded from only two plans in Spectranet. These include unlimited data plans and time-based data plans.

  • Unlimited data plans: These data plans do not have a data limit or cap. You will be able to download, stream and use the plan as much as possible as long as the plan is valid. However, you will not be able to roll over the data.
  • Time-based data plan: Some Spectranet data plans are valid only at a specific time such as morning hours, evening hours or at night. Such plans do not have data rollover features.

How Does It Work?

Spectranet gives “GRACE PERIOD” in their capped data plan. This is an extra time frame given to customers to renew their accounts to be able to roll over their data. If the account is not renewed before or during the grace period, the leftover data will be wiped out of your account. The Spectranet Grace Period Matrix is shown below.

Spectranet Grace Period Matrix

If you renew your account, Spectranet will automatically carryover data from the previous billing cycle to the new month. No specific amount of recharge is required; your data will be rolled over irrespective of the amount.

Key Points to Note About Spectranet Data Rollover

Data rollover applies only to paid (capped) data plans. It does not apply to bonuses or data volumes obtained through promotions or gifts. You’ll need to utilize such data before the expiration date, otherwise, they will be wiped out.

Furthermore, there is no room for service extension in the network when your data expires. If you want to roll over data, be sure to renew your subscription before the grace period expires. Like other networks, Spectranet data and left-over data cannot be exchanged for cash. They cannot be transferred or refunded.

In conclusion, most Nigerians use Spectranet for their data plans. However, before you delve into using this network, make sure you understand how data rollover in Spectranet works. This will allow you to maximize your data and even spend less in the process.


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