Cortana Magic: Discover The Personal Intelligent Assistant Features In Your Phone

Cortana Nigeria - Personal AssistantHave you ever wondered why your phone can do so much? The reasons are many and dependent on the kind of applications your device is fitted with. In the case of Cortana, you will discover a virtual super-efficient personal assistant waiting to do your bidding.

Most modern phones today have special applications that enable them to do amazing stuff like the case of the highly rated Apple’s Siri personal assistant.

Currently, Microsoft has stepped up the game by producing something similar or better to Apple’s personal assistant. The Cortana application is designed to make things happen for you; it is your very own personal robot that you can simply click or order to do things for you. Initially, it was created for Windows mobile device operating system version 8.1. So, how does this work?

Things Cortana can do for you

The application can help you do things excellently. It is not called a Microsoft digital personal assistant for nothing. The application can make calls and send text messages to specific contacts stored in your phone by just talking to it.

Additionally, you can direct it to locate places, provide weather information, extract current sports results, maintain record of appointments, search for the most current news, and so much more. Cortana can converse as easily and normally like a human office assistant; and even tell a joke because it comes with a normal language processing technology.

After it is setup, simply say “hey, Cortana” whenever you wish to get its attention. The software possesses a notebook feature that you can use to arrange favourite songs, places that interest you, personal interests, and other information you need that will enable the software to execute its duties for that day.

Language support and availability

The Windows mobile virtual assistant is created to operate on Windows phone, Microsoft Brand Platforms, Windows 10 and there is even an Android version (If not accessible in your region, get APK files here).

Also, you can get other languages apart from English like French, Mandarin, German, Italian, and Spanish. For now, the device is yet to make it into the shores of Nigeria; it is currently available in China, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, United States, and U.K

Cortana is your very super efficient personal assistant that you can control and order to execute various tasks. I hope you enjoyed this review about Cortana. Let’s hope that very soon, its service will be fully extended to Nigeria. As usual, share this page and also drop your comment. Thank you for reading.


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