Introducing The Hottest Giveaway in Town

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Have you been daydreaming of a giveaway package that could buy you a brand-new smartphone, nudge up your account balance or even buy you food for a whole month? You need not daydream any longer,’s contest is here for you. is giving away a whopping N33,000 Jumia credit to a lucky person who engages the most in the platform. You could use the giveaway Jumia credit just for anything, from buying hundreds of diapers to a lifetime supply of toothpicks, not to mention that Gionee S10 goes for just N32,000 or less.

How to Win?

how to win contest

Here comes the thrill! Contrary to what you might assume, this giveaway has easy requirements. There is no entry requirement – it is free for all. It is basically predicated upon your participation on the platform.

Only one active participator – the most active and engaging participant will win. To win, you just have to engage in by making quality comments and posts and/or responding to other people’s posts and comments.

Make no mistakes, spamming and/or posting irrelevant contents are not allowed. In fact, they might instantly disqualify you.

To win the contest, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Make quality posts and comments in any article or blog in
  2. Respond to other people’s posts by answering their questions, raising quality questions.
  3. Engage as much as you can in the community and stick to quality.
  4. Ensure you do not use vulgar words, avoid spamming or making irrelevant posts. These may result in disqualification.
  5. The most active engager of quality posts, comments, suggestions, questions, and so forth wins the contest.

This contest is effective from June 18th to July 5th. The winner will be announced on the telcoinsider Facebook page and will be awarded almost immediately with the N33,000 Jumia credit.

happy contest

Happy contest and stay tuned!