Comparing Airtel 180 And MTN 150 Unlimited Data Plan

Airtel vs. MTN unlimited data planAirtel and MTN seem to be tugging it out severely and playing out the essence of competition excellently. Wow! How I love the competition in the mobile telecommunication market and the freebies/promos that comes with it.

Airtel’s bumper package, and MTN’s super bumper-counter attack package is simply gloriously as it affords you and I the opportunity to simply glory in our power as consumers and enjoy the promos. In case you are living under the rock and you are reading this piece, first I say welcome to reality, and also get ready to join in the fun. Airtel magnanimously blast their competitors to high-heavens when they introduced their unlimited hourly data plan for just 180 naira. While we were basking in this super package, thinking “what next “ and their competitors probably drooling venom, MTN released a counter attack that stunned the market when they introduced their unlimited daily data plan for just 150 naira, wow!!! Well, obviously this is exciting, but what is the catch, any we should be concerned about? I did my research and I came up with answers, and in my usual fashion (I couldn’t help it), decided to compare the two packages.

Airtel unlimited data plan

Airtel package enjoys the position of being the first company to dare introduce such generous package. It is not surprising as they are one of the very generous mobile networks in Nigeria. The package is valued at a meagre 180 naira hourly, and it affords users the opportunity to browse and drop within an hour. The connection is indeed fast and definitely genuine. You can participate today by subscribing to the package.

Dial *439*4# to activate

MTN unlimited data plan

MTN is going through hassles from authorities that are on their necks for overlooking the registration of about 5 million users. Probably, as a way to stay afloat, they daringly released a counter attack. They introduced a version of Airtel’s package; though with some visible differences. Welcome to unlimited daily data plan that allows you to spend 150 naira daily for 1 GB data to browse the internet. You are at liberty to do anything with your plan – no holds barred.

Dial *567*59# and follow up with “1” to activate

That said, how abut the obvious difference in the two packages. How does it affect services, any pros or cons?


There is indeed a significant advantage for using the two packages. It allows cheap browsing in a time when data plans comes so expensively. The two networks are really rocking it.


Whether it is hourly or daily, the fact remains that the time limit is simply inadequate; however, put-side-by-side with the price, this limitation is insignificant.

My opinion

I give kudos to Airtel for coming out with such generous package in a time when data plan is expensive; but compared to MTN daily time expiration, I say MTN plan rock. They (MTN), didn’t just increase the time limit by a whopping 23 hours more than Airtel, they also made it cheaper.

Are you using any package from either of these networks? Please let us know your experience so far. I have provided my own humble opinion; I am sure you have yours; please share this page, like us or join the conversation on our Facebook page.


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