Cheapest Data Plans in 2018

The Nigerian data market had a Battle of the Titans in 2017 with so many data giants offering mouthwatering features as well as some of the cheapest data plans. 2018 is still relatively fresh and there are wonderful plans already available for smartphone users.

We compared data plans offered by the most notable telecoms in Nigeria, namely MTN, Glo, 9Mobile (Etisalat), Airtel and Ntel, in terms of price and quantity.

MTN and 9Mobile

Our analysis showed that the data plans offered by MTN and 9Mobile are of the same price. For instance, both networks offer 1GB for 1000 NGN, albeit MTN 1GB plan comes with a bonus of 500 MB (the bonus is only usable between 1 am and 7 am).


Airtel, on the other hand, has fairly cheaper data plans than MTN and 9Mobile. It offers 1.5GB for 1000 NGN, similar data plan goes for 1,200 NGN in both MTN and 9Mobile.


Ntel is the mobile platform to reckon with if you are particularly interested in unlimited data. The data plans offered by Ntel would be a bit pricey for an average user but for users surfing or downloading large data within a relatively short time, this network could be the best.

Ntel offers unlimited U-daily, unlimited U-weekly and unlimited family, valid for 2 days, 7 days and 30 days respectively and with respective costs of 1,500 NGN, 3,750 NGN, and 17,500 NGN.


cheapest data plans - glo

For an average data-surfer looking for the cheapest data plans, Glo is the right option. Glo has for long been known as the king of data in Nigeria. Prior to April 2017, Glo offers a data plan of 3.2 GB for 1,000 NGN. But the data size has been slashed to half of this value since April 2017.

However, new customers can get Glo data of 4GB for just 1,000 NGN and other users can still get similar data volumes if they renew their subscription at most three days after it expires, otherwise, they will get only 1.6GB data.

Glo offers the cheapest data plans of all networks; with an active subscription in the network, you can get 9.5 GB for just 2,000 NGN and 12.5GB for just 2,500 NGN.

Even without an active subscription, Glo data plans are still cheaper than those of other network providers. Unless your data usage is exponentially high, Glo is the best option for you. However, Ntel remains the best network for those looking for unlimited data.


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