The Cheapest Data Plan in 2019

Although the year is already much spent, most internet users in Nigeria are still concerned about the cheapest data plan in 2019. Every data user, whether individual or businesses wants the best value for their money. While the word “cheap” does not equate “value”, getting a cheap data plan could save you a great deal.

Cheapest Data Plan in 2019

To help you get the best value, we have compared and compiled the cheapest data plan in 2019 no matter your choice of data usage.

The King of Data

There are basically 8 major networks in Nigeria, namely, MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Spectranet, Swift, Smile and ntel. MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile operate in all states in Nigeria while the rest operate in select states and cities.

Globacom has maintained a flagship position in data services over the years; in fact, it has been dubbed “the king of data” due to its awesome data features. In 2019, Glo data plans are the cheapest of all the data plans in Nigeria.

In terms of cost and data volume, Glo offers unmatched service in the daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan, night plan, and so forth.

A Comparison of the Data Plans

To effectively compare the data plans offered by these network providers, it is important to look at the various types of plans such as daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans and so forth offered by each provider.

Daily Data Plans

Glo offers the cheapest daily data plans. Glo daily data plans include 1 day, 2 days and 4 days plans. The plans include a 12.5MB plan for N25, 27.5MB for N50, 92MB for N100, and 242MB for N200.

The next in the line of the cheapest daily data plans are MTN and Airtel daily data plans. Both offers similar volumes which include 20MB for N50, 75MB for N100, and 225MB for N200.

9mobile data plan is probably the costliest. The plans include a 10MB data plan for N50 and a 40MB plan for N100.

Weekly Data Plans

Glo has only one weekly data plan but it is again the cheapest. Glo weekly data plan has a data volume of 920MB and costs N500.

With a data cap of 2GB and price of N1000, the Swift Value Special (PROMO) is even comparatively cheaper than the Glo weekly data plan.

Next, we have Airtel weekly and bi-weekly plans. Airtel offers 350MB for N300 in its weekly plan and 750MB for N500 in its two-week plan. MTN, on the other hand, offers 150MB for N300 and 750MB for N500 in its weekly plan.

9mobile is comparatively the costliest with a weekly plan of 150MB for N200. Ntel also offers a weekly plan for N5000 but with unlimited data value and no data cap.

Monthly Data Plans

When it comes to monthly data plans, Glo undeniably has the cheapest data plan in 2019. The network provider has 11 monthly data plans. Of course, the cheapest of all is obviously the N1000 monthly data plan with data volume of 1.8GB. This is definitely the plan you should choose if you are a light internet user.

Heavy internet users should consider plans with higher volumes such as the N5000 – N20,000 Glo plans. For instance, the N5,000 plan has a data volume of N15.6GB but with a Glo Oga SIM, you will get a whopping 28.1GB. With the Oga SIM bonuses, Glo has attained a milestone that has not been dared by any other provider.

Businesses and heavy internet users in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja will find Spectranet data plan very useful. Spectranet data plan is one of the cheapest data plans if you want to purchase a lot of data volumes. In fact, without the Glo Oga SIM, it is the cheapest data plan in 2019.

For instance, Spectranet offers 60GB + free night browsing for just N15,000 in its Unified Value. Some other interesting Spectranet data plans include the Unlimited Gold data plan of 100GB for N18,000, Freedom Prime Plus of 200GB for N37,500, and the Freedom Elite of 300GB for N55,500 and so forth.

Unlimited Data Plans

Smile NG and Ntel are the go-to plans for unlimited data volumes. Ntel Family is a common choice for unlimited data. It costs N17,500 and is valid for 30 days. On the other hand, Smile UnlimitedPremium goes for N19,800. Since both Smile and Ntel operate in select cities, make sure you are within coverage area before you subscribe to either of the plans.

In conclusion, Glo offers the cheapest data plan in 2019. However, Spectranet might also be a great choice if you are a heavy internet user or a business. In fact, a lot of businesses in Lagos and Abuja prefer Spectranet for data.


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