Cheapest data bundles and their subscription details – Glo, 9mobile, MTN and Airtel

The need to stay connected with family, friends and fans via social media, VoIP platforms, and all other numerous internet broadband modalities has necessited the search for available cheap data bundles. Referencing the eight popular broadband internet providers in Nigeria, we provide an explainer into the cheapest data bundles presently offered in Nigeria.

How cheap should data be?

There are immense needs for cheap internet data by active internet users in the country. Reason isn’t far placed. Majority of citizens live below the bracket of an ‘average income earner’. As such, the least priorised necessity in their checklist is internet subscription. Talk less of doling out exurbitant fees on ‘just’ data.

A recent report referencing numbers from the country’s bereau of statistics, revealed that about 40% of citizens live below the $1.05 a-day income borderline and as such are ‘extremely poor’. Sadly also, majority of the remaining percentage of people either have their income shortchanged by their employers or are employers themselves who earns less than necessary due to blunt economic realities.

To this assertion, subscribers see it prerogative of telecom operators to dish out cheap bundles, as they claim their incomes are necessarily directed towards ‘priority’ needs.

In a population with majorly young people, you wouldn’t expect less a craving for broadband internet exploitation. And you wouldn’t be disappointed if such becomes reality also, however, how cheap could internet subscriptions be?

A 2019 report denoted that the country’s average data pricing for a 1GB data is $2.22 . The report also positioned the country at 44th spot among several other nations. When abbreviated to include only African states, Nigeria was rated the country with the 10th cheapest data pricing in Africa. The cheapest plan was purported to be $0.26 while the most expensive plan was $13.79.

Cheapest data bundles in Nigeria — Operator’s role and what they stand to gain

Although telecom development in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy and populous country, has been pacesetting, it is still at its infant stage. The network speeds recorded in various locations in the country is appalling. In fact, the country ranks 107 in broadband internet speed. And has an average download speed of 12.76mbps against the global average of 25.38mbps, implying that the speeds recorded in the country is about 50% less than worldwide average. We penned an explainer recently on the broadband speeds in the country.

The 4G service in the country is arguably a fraud, talkless of concerns emanating due to data metering from these telcos. Although operators have recently showed good level of honesty in their data offering, there are still complaints about shortchange in the value of data given in reality against the once claimed.

In 2018, Globacom overtook Airtel Nigeria to the position as the second highest telecom network subscribed to in the African powerhouse. The meteoric growth in numbers is evident due to the cheap data offered by the telecom operator. It’s no longer news that Glo Nigeria has the best data offers in the country presently. This goes to show how rewarding it is for telcos to present affordable data offers for its subscribers.
Cheapest data plans

Search for cheap data offers usings our several unique metrics

One importance of having a data plan search portal independent of any operator is impartiality. Our recently reviewed data bundle search webpage offers you an unmatched ability to set your preferred parameters, which would then return you data plans all to your taste.

You can search for plans based on your budget(how much you have to spend on data), validity (monthly,weekly, unlimited bundles, etc), or by operators (Ntel, Airtel, 9mobile, etc), among others. The search mini portal deprives telcos the modalities to wile you into getting what you didn’t intend to, as all searches would be returned as per personally-set parameters. Search your desired data bundle here.

Unique access to plethora of monthly packages from diverse carriers

All monthly data plans available in Nigeria has been kept all in one place to your satisfaction.

Make your budget to taste by examining the monthly plans displayed there. You also have the benefit of comparing between similar plans from the different carriers. Access all the catalogue of monthly plans in the country!

Cheapest data bundles in Nigeria — Weekly data plans list

The page contains a refreshed list of data plans which has 7 – 14 days validity.

These plans are suitable for users with need for heavy data with a validity of a week or two. Access our unprecedented catalog of all weekly data plans in Nigeria.

Daily data packages in Nigeria

These are one to five days data bundles sorted across the mobile carriers in the country.

These plans are well-suited for impromtu purposes. The arrays of daily data bundles are listed here.

Special bundles

Special data bundles are packages curtained for special purposes. Social media might be your indispensable tool, as such, to save cost a data bundle that concentrates entirely on social media access might be all you require.

There are also youtube only data plans, and several booster plans. Access the special data bundles here.

Cheapest data bundles — Unlimited data plans in Nigeria

With these plans, you are rewarded an unlimited access to the internet until the validity of the package (usually 30 days).

Unfortunately, these plan aren’t available on the four major telecom operators. Access the available unlimited plans in Nigeria here.

Regional data plans

Some operators are not accessible nationwide, but confined to certain seperate regions. The regional data page outlines the data packages for these selected regions.

You could also streamline your data plan search to Abuja, Asaba, Benin City, Ibadan, Kaduna, Lagos, Onitsha and Port Harcourt regions. Access the regional plans here.

The verdict!

Although it’s a not well kept secret that Globacom data plans are one of the cheapest nationwide, there’s no satisfaction in using a network carrier that can’t connect timely to the internet.

You can’t be in a location where the Airtel network is known for woeful signal strength, and profess to be enjoying its cheap services. As such, the bottom line is, find out the best network in your region by virtue of signal strength; navigate through our unprecedented data package catalogue from the identified carrier; and lastly, from the information gathered, subscribe to the package that aligns to your needs and importantly, your budget. That would unravel the cheapest data plan suitable for you! Cheers!


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