Best Data Plans For Unlimited Downloads

When you talk about unlimited data plans in Nigeria, the two internet service providers that come to mind are ntel and spectranet.

Although it can also be argued that MTN and Airtel also offer unlimited data services but their data services are not truly unlimited, even the MTN HyNet.

MTN and Airtel Unlimited Plans


MTN HyNet has a monthly threshold of about 1 Terabyte (TB) or 1024 GB. It is an LTE unlimited plan, available only in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja, although there is a promise that other Nigerian cities will be added but not yet.

Yes, 1 TB is a huge data volume to consume but we are talking about unlimited data, aren’t we? Unlimited data shouldn’t have a cap, should they? A serious data user can exceed the cap within days.

airtel unlimited data plans

Airtel unlimited data plans are even worse than MTN plans. Basically, Airtel has three unlimited plans, namely: Unlimited 10, Unlimited 15, and Unlimited 20 which go for 10,000 NGN, 15,000 NGN, and 20,000 NGN respectively.

However, each of these plans has a cap. Unlimited-10 is throttled if usage exceeds 40GB, Unlimited-15 is throttled at 65GB, and Unlimited-20 at 100GB.

Spectranet and Ntel Unlimited Data Plans

spectranet unlimited gold plan

Spectranet’s unlimited data plan isn’t quite different from Airtel’s. The unlimited gold plan is priced at 18,000 NGN and valid for 1 month but sadly, the data plan is capped at 100GB. The data speed is throttled to about 512 Kbps after 100GB is exceeded.

ntel unlimited u-family

Ntel is the king when it comes to unlimited data plans. There is no limit, and no cap; ntel allows users to surf endlessly at a remarkably cheaper price when compared to the aforementioned data plans.

Ntel Unlimited Family (17,500 NGN) is a 4G LTE data plan similar to Spectranet’s unlimited gold plan (18,000 NGN), airtel’s unlimited U-20 (20,000 NGN), and MTN’s HyNet plan (35,000 NGN).

Even though ntel is the cheapest of all the data plans examined above, it is the only plan that is not capped. In other words, once you subscribe to ntel Unlimited Family, you can stay connected 24/7, watch your favorite football matches, games and surf endlessly at a remarkably cheap price.


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