Best tariff plans for calls — Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, MTN

Mobile calling is one of the essence of having a phone; it plays an overt role behind the rapid development of information technology. The necessity of staying much connected to family, friends, and fans is a simple example of why the telecommunication function isn’t an undermine. In recognition of this; and while considering in esteem the desire by Nigerians for a more reasonable call time, we evaluate the best tariff plans for calls, culled from the four major telecom operator in the country.

The major telecom operator in Nigeria are: MTN, Globacom, Airtel and 9mobile. Each of these operators offer call time in form of call-time bonuses and airtime recharges; all differing in manners and unneedful subtlety.

Best tariff plans for calls

In our dispassionate evaluation and comparison, we would only consider tariff plans which aren’t on promo or temporary.

The airtime benchmark which we would butress our analysis would be N100 — a countrywide common recharge option; it is also considered that all account airtime would be used for only calls within a 24 hours period. While all data give-offs would be exempted, bonus call time and all other clauses that influence mobile calling would be put under consideration.

Cheapest call rates with MTN Nigeria

The MTN telecommunication network is the widest in the country: with a command of a little of more than 38% of market share.

Best tariff plans for calls — MTN

The three best tariff plans for calls are as follows:

#1 – MTN BetaTalk with it’s 13.9 minutes calltime

  • 150% airtime bonus is gifted customers on every recharge below N100
  • 250% airtime bonus is rewarded on recharges from N100 and above
  • 42k/s call rate

After an airtime recharge of N100, a subscriber on the BetaTalk tariff plan would be given an additional N250 airtime as bonus. Now, with both the main account airtime and the bonus charged at a rate of 42k/s, some elementary mathematics affirms that the subscriber would have just a 13.9 minutes of talking time.

That’s the longest talking time offered by the telco. Dial *123*2*1# to opt-into the BetaTalk plan!

#2 – MTN TruTalk with 13.7 minutes

The MTN TruTalk is ordinarily a calling-centric tariff plan. Here, subscribers gets the benefit of enjoying a flat rate of 11.26kobo/ sec for calls across all local networks in the country; however, not until after paying a daily access fee of ₦7.17.

This fee is activated immediately you initiate your first call of the day, implying thus: no calls, no fee extraction.

Now, with the access fee taken into consideration; and a tariff flat rate of 11.26k/s calculated upon, a calling time of 13.7 minutes was arrived. This earns the plan it’s place as the second most favourable MTN tariff package for calls.

To subscribe into the TruTalk package, dial *123*2*6#.

#3 MTN Pulse with 13.5 minutes

Calls with the Pulse tariff plan are made at a rate of 11.26 kobo/sec to all local networks; albeit after being charged at the rate of 25.6 Kobo/sec for the first 60 seconds of calls daily.

With the clause in consideration, a calculated talk time of 13.5 minutes for a N100 airtime recharge was arrived at.

Dial *406*1# to subscribe to the MTN Pulse tariff plan. Checkout other interesting tariff packages from MTN!

Globacom’s best tariff plans for calls

The Globacom brand is the country’s favourite for unreserved data offer. They are pleasantly unmatched in this, much in deserve of it’s tag — ‘the grandmasters of data‘.

Going grandmaster demands being a forte in the particular excellency professed; Glo hasn’t done less better to get denied of the company-popularised acclaim. Being an excellent data network, could such uniqueness be extended to the calling packages it offers?

We find out.

Best tariff plans for calls — GLO

#1 – Glo Gbam Plus – 14.4 min, on-net; 8.8 min, off-net

The Gbam plus tariff plan although comes with favourable tariff rate, is quite an expensive deal. It’s exorbitance is reflected in the N5 daily rental fee deducted from your main account balance daily.

Unpopular as it is due to the rental extortion, it appears even more unattractive in it’s flagrant deduction even when no call had been made in any particular day. It’s comprehensible implication is that for every 24 hours spent while subscribed to the tariff package, a N5 fee would be relieved from account to service your subscription to it, concurrently till perhaps your exit.

Other calling features of it include:

  • Onnet call rate:11k/s (glo to glo numbers)
  • Offnet call rate:18k/s (glo to all networks)
  • 20k/sec to selected international destinations.

To migrate to Glo Gbam plan, dial To migrate dial *211#.

#2 – Glo Gbam Xtra – 12.9 min, on-net; 9.7 min, offnet

A variant of the Gbam tariff plan, Glo’s Gbam Xtra comes with exiting calling benefit; according itself a second spot on the Glo network when call time are estimated.

Features are:

  • 12k/s on-net calling rate
  • 16k/s off-net call rate
  • Daily access fee of N7, charged with first call of the day – If no call is made for the day, the fee won’t be charged.

The N7 access token deducted from the main account isn’t a lousy one, considering that it will only be levied upon initiation of a first-of-the-day call. With this clause considered, and calculated on the given rates: a Glo-to-Glo call would last just 12.9 minutes; while a Glo-to-other network call would last for only 9.7 minute.

You could subscribe to the plan by dialing *100*6*1.

#3 – Glo Yakata Ultra – 12.3 minutes

The Glo Yakata tariff package was a popular one some years back, all due to unbeatable incentives it came packed with.

What happened to the jumbo plan now, without stepping onto toes, could be described literally in a few line: it underwent a re-branding — probably, so as to come in terms with adversing realities.

Glo Yakata Ultra has a dip in value, and overall popularity when justaposed with it’s former, however, it is still a tasty call plan at number three!

Upon recharge, bonuses are split into two: one for on-net call; and another for off-net calls. You could always easily checkout the list of all glo tariff plans to access the distribution of bonuses depending on the denomination recharged (on Glo Yakata Ultra).

Now, for a N100 recharge, with the 54k/s rate put into consideration, a subscriber would only last 12.3 minutes in call.

Remember, all bonuses are valid for 7 days. Subscribe to Glo Yakata by dialing *310#.

Cheapest Airtel tariff plans

Airtel Nigeria is a popular brand in the country. At a point, some time after it’s inception, the brand was considered a reasonable adversary to the South African franchise -MTN Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria

The wishes of few sometimes don’t go head high against the realities influenced by many; as such the brand made meaningful yet unfleeting catch-ups with the market leader.

The successes of the Airtel Nigerian brand under it’s longest serving CEO, has been praise-worthy. Examined below are tariff plans, tested and analysed to be the cheapest the telecom operator has offered.

#1 – Airtel SmartTrybe – 14.5 minutes

In deep sincerity, Airtel Nigeria has really bared goodwill in it’s offerings on this package.

A call rate of 11 Kobo/Sec for all local and international calls after first 50 secs is an excellent offer for any user poised for calls.

Taking the above details into consideration, a call time of 14.5 minutes was arrived at. The migration code for Airtel SmartTrybe is *312#.

#2 – Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 – 13.7 minutes

Similar to the plan above, Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 delivers a comfortable 11.3k/s tariff rate.

This charity however comes at a cost.

To access the benefit of a reduced call rate, an access fee of N7.17k daily is deducted from your main account upon initiating a call. In the case of zero calls being made in a day, no access fee is charged.

A local call made by a smartTalk 2.0 subscriber with just N100 gets him a calculated call time of 13.7 minutes. The international call rate here is 20k/s, and the subscription code for the plan is *315#.

#3 – Airtel Freedom Plan – 13.6 minutes

The Airtel freedom plan is necessarily a calling-centric tariff package. It’s call rate to all networks in Nigeria is 12.3k/sec, while calls to all International destinations is at zone rates.

Now, on this plan, there are no juicy airtime bonus regular of packages like these. All there is, is the convenient of a reduced tariff: nothing more!

By virtue of this tariff, a Freedom plan subscriber could talk for good 13.6 minutes on a single N100 recharge. To migrate to Airtel Freedom Plan, dial *152#

#4 – Airtel SmartPremier – 12.5 minutes

For call rate, first-minute call to all networks in Nigeria will be billed at 40k/sec, while subsequent calls are slated to be charged at 11k/sec.

This translates to 12.5 minutes talk time given a base N100 airtime recharge.

Dial *318# to subscribe to the plan.

9mobile best tariff plans for calls

9mobile Nigeria is one of the four telecom operator in the country with extensive national spread. Once a popular telecom brand in the country which had competed favourably against the other three, 9mobile is now a shadow of it’s former self.

Despite it’s challenges, the telco has been consistent in giving out cheap call offers.

Below listed are the best tariff plans from 9mobile for calls.


#1 – 9mobile MoreCliq – 26.3 minutes

The moreCliq package claims to offer two distinct set of bonuses on every recharge.

A call rate of 40k/sec is levied on the 250% bonus option. This option is subdivided in a ratio of 50:50 into two — one for on-net calls; the other for offnet calls.

A 350% of an airtime-recharge bonus is given. Calls made with this bonus option is charged at a rate of 50k/sec, and is solely for on-net calls.

Sadly, all bonuses are valid for only 3 days.

The call time calculated upon exhastation of the airtime and bonus is 26.3 minutes, which is impressive!

To migrate to moreCliq, dial *244*1#.

#2 – moreLife Complete – 10.6 minutes

The tariff plan offers to all subscribers an ofnet/on-net call flat rate of 15k/s.

Calls to selected 7 international destinations (USA, UK, Canada, China, India, Germany & Malaysia) are also at 15k/s.

The impressive features above is doused by an access fee clause of ₦5 deducted upon initiation of a calls in a day. For a 20 days deduction of the access fee within a calendar month, subscribers will be granted a 15 minutes free data & 15 minutess free on-net calls every month.

For a single N100 recharge, a subscriber would only last 10.6 minute in call, that’s when all the influences are considered.

Dial *620*1# or send 1 to 620 to migrate to this plan.

Best tariff plans for calls — End Note!

Let’s end this way: a genius in a wrong position would look like a fool. Don’t be in a wrong position so as not to be the fool.

Telcos are business-minded, they unveil packages, glint them to look attractive, while still retaining it’s fecklessness. Your obligation as a subscriber is deciphering their makeups, so as to enjoy the service they bring to you in a personal way, all to your taste! And we’ve made the work very easy just for you. Cheers!


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