The Best Spectranet Data Plans

Since it was established in 2000, Spectranet has been rolling out some mouthwatering data plans. These data plans include regular monthly data plans, plans for unlimited night browsing and unlimited data plans.

Spectranet Unlimited Data Plans

spectranet unlimited gold plan

Spectranet has only one completely unlimited data plan, the Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan. The plan goes for 18,000 NGN and touted to be valid for one month and accessible 24/7.

However, Spectranet limits the download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 100GB. This could seem like a lot of speed but considering the fact that 4G internet speed could get up to 30 Mbps and above, the throttling could be inconveniencing.

Plans with Night Browsing

Spectranet Unified Value

Spectranet Unified Value 25GB, Unified Value 40GB, Unified Stay Connected 50GB, Unified Value 55GB, Unified Value 110GB, and Unified Value 220GB are the six Spectranet plans with unlimited night browsing feature arranged in the order of their costs, with Unified Value 25GB being the cheapest.

Spectranet night browsing is awesome because it is not capped and the internet speed can exceed 30 Mbps. Besides allowing you access to an unlimited daily night browsing from 1 am – 7 am, you can surf endlessly 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.

The Unified Value 25GB is probably the best for fairly light internet users who can afford to sacrifice night sleep to surf endlessly.

The Unified Stay Connected 50GB is the best for those who want to stay connected after exceeding the monthly capped 50GB data. But this plan is available only for customers in Abuja.

Other Data Plans

Most other Spectranet data plans are created for customers on a low budget. The Unified Value 4GB plan (3,000 NGN), maybe a lot costly for a traditional Glo user but it is a better deal in consideration of the internet speed.

Other Spectranet data plans include the Unified Value 7GB (5,000 NGN), Unified Value 15GB (7,000 NGN), Unified Nite Value 20GB (7,500 NGN from 7 pm – 7 am), and Unified Nite Value 40GB (11000 NGN from 7 pm – 7 am).

In conclusion, if you are a night lover and a relatively light internet surfer, the Spectranet Unified Value 25GB is the best for you. Heavier surfers should consider going for the Unified Stay Connected 50GB or the Unified Value 200GB.

Ardent day surfers would maximize their subscription and daily internet usage with the Unified Value 15GB plan.



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