The Best Airtel Call Plans

One of the reasons why Airtel has a fair-share of huge subscriber-base is because of its mouthwatering call tariffs and data plans. Airtel call plans offer both substantial call and data benefits.

We have reviewed various Airtel call plans and recommend to you the best call plans to enjoy data benefits.

Airtel call plans - call tariffs

Airtel Smart RECHARGE

Smart RECHARGE is an Airtel bundle that offers subscribers 10 times their recharge amounts in benefits.

To get this benefit, subscribers need to recharge their Airtel line with the code *220*PIN#.

Besides the 10 times recharge bonus, subscribers will also get additional data benefits if they recharge N500 or N1000, making the overall benefits more than 10 times.

On recharge of N100, subscribers get N500 for voice call and N500 for data (this is valid for 3 days). For N200 recharge, subscribers get N1000 for calls and N1000 for data, valid for 7 days. N500 recharge gives N2000 for calls and N3000 for data, valid for 14 days.

Airtel TalkMore Bundles

If you need a combo bundle, TalkMore is your goto Airtel call plan. It gives 5 times the value of your recharge and this can be used for voice calls, data, and SMS.

The bundles and their respective values are shown below. Each benefit is valid for 30 days.

Airtel TalkMore Bundles

To get the benefit, simply dial *234*Amount#. You can also get the benefit by recharging the regular N100, N200, N300, N500 and N1000 by using the special TalkMore recharge code *126*1*PIN#.

Airtel Premier Connect

Premier Connect gives the best value and convenience. You can choose the voice and data or the voice and SMS option.

You can either choose the monthly plan with free data bundle and more than double airtime in bonus value or the monthly tariff plan with a free SMS pack and more than 3X airtime in bonus value.

The voice, data and SMS bonuses provided are shown below.

Airtel Premier Connect data bonus

Airtel Premier Connect sms bonus

This tariff allows you to choose from the validity options available. Available validity options include monthly, 3 months and 6 months. You can subscribe by dialing *254#.

Airtel 6X Bundles

You can get up to six times the value of your recharge simply by recharging your line with *555*PIN#.  The recharge can be used for data, SMS, and voice calls.

Airtel SmartTRYBE

SmartTRYBE is one of the most interesting Airtel call plans that offer both calls and data benefits.

Calls can be made at a rate of 11k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and you can easily purchase 1GB for N500 valid for 7 days.

It also provides midnight browsing options (N25 for 500MB and N200 for 1.5GB), valid between 12 am and 5 am.

Airtel SmartPREMIER

SmartPREMIER is an interesting Airtel call plan that offers call rate of 11k/sec to all networks in Nigeria.

The plan offers generous data bonus on each recharge, about 150MB per recharge. You can migrate to the plan by dialing *318#.

It offers a data bonus of 5MB on recharge of N100-198, 15MB on recharge of N200-498, 50MB on recharge of N500-998 and 150MB on recharge of N1000 and above.

Airtel has several other tariff plans such as Airtel SmartTalk, SmartValue, and so forth. However, the aforementioned Airtel call plans are the best if you want to enjoy both call and data benefits.


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