Amazing Data Plans Deals That Will Surely Wow you

When it comes to getting the cheapest data plans deals, these devices Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC share one thing in common. Their users have similar desire, which is to access the cheapest plans that will enable them browse till they drop. So, if you are one of them, then you would love this article. Enjoy reading.


There are many data plans deals offered by the four mobile giants in the Nigeria and each of this plans have its unique features and benefits. However, there is one snag, and it is how to identify which one offers the best or cheapest data plans deals. The benefits of using iPhone, iPad, PC, and Android are indeed many, and without internet connection, most of these benefits cannot be fully utilized. So, it goes without saying that getting the cheapest internet plan becomes very necessary. Therefore, the question now is: how to get the cheapest plan among many the rest? If this has ever been a problem, then you are about to receive answers.

MTN 2500 naira data plan (9pm to 6am night plan) for Android, PC, iPad, and iPhone

Before you say boo-whoo to this suggestion, hold on a sec please, I know night plan isn’t such a good idea for most people because “who in their right senses would like to lose sleep over daily night browsing?”No one! MTN knows this too, and that is why they introduce a bonus data to go with this plan. Yes! For every 2500 naira plan purchased, you get an extra 1.5GB plan free to browse 24hrs. Now isn’t this simply wonderfully-cheap?

Dial *120# to activate MTN 4.5GB Night and Day

Airtel blackberry plan for Android, iPad, iPhone and Pc

The next on the list is the ingenious Airtel blackberry plan. It is indeed affordable and best for Android, PC, iPad, and iPhone. You can subscribe for 1500 naira, and you will receive a whooping 3GB internet plan.

Dial *440*16# to activate Airtel Blackberry 3GB Pack

Amazing and ridiculously cheap Glo 3GB data plan for 1000 naira

The Globacom network also has a very cheap plan for Android, PC, iPhone, and iPad. It is the 3GB Blackberry plan for a mere 1000 naira, whaooo! This plan gives “cheap data” a new meaning. If you would really love to browse without a care in the world about draining your pocket, this is your best bet.

Dial *777*9# to activate Social Month Standard Blackberry Plan

Etisalat 2GB plan for 2000 naira

Etisalat really spin the wheels when it comes to providing cheap browsing opportunities for Android, PC, iPhone, and iPad. You can browse for a whole 30 days with just 2000 naira. Great, isn’t it?

Dial *229*2*8# to activate Etisalat 2GB internet bundle

Now if getting the most affordable data plan for PC, Android, iPad, and iPhone has been a problem for you, I believe we just solved it. Hope you enjoyed this information, and if you did, why not share this page for others to enjoy too?


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