Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers from MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers are common in Nigeria’s telecom space.

Telecommunication operators in the country have over the years been considerate in the values offered for call services. These are mainly through better local and international calling rates. However, in order to encourage the use of a particular new service and/or product, or to keep up with competing operators, these firms do dole out call bonuses to their subscribers. This content would review the ongoing double and multiple call bonuses from the four major telecom operators in Nigeria viz: Airtel, Globacom, 9mobile and MTN.

double and airtime multiplier bonus

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: These bonuses are not necessarily gifts

While offering these incentives, telecommunication operators present it to subscribers as a benevolent gift with a labelled superlative value. However, to allay such thought, most of these tokens are merely guise values. While you’ve undoubtedly been offered a calling-time bonus, the rates charged from that bonus account are usually outrageous.

Also, conditional clauses placed on such bonuses might steeply erode the value of it. Common of such clause is one which restricts the subscriber to making calls with the bonus in certain hours, usually during the night. Another is in capping the validity of the gift to few days or at most a week or two.

Some of these offers which run in the cover of a bonus are in actuality the airtime value of the data you’ve been denied. This is instanced when you purchase a pack that contains both airtime and data benefits — you might be given more of airtime with a lot less of data.

These offers are nevertheless beneficial

Much like free data give-outs, offers in the nature of airtime rendering goes a long way to offset calling deficiencies. Despite the underlying and discomforting clauses carried by some of the offers, others are wholesomely rewarding.

These rewarding kinds of offers are often in the form of a welcome back bonus which rewards subscribers who had resumed using their line after lengthy duration of inactivity, usually more than thirty days. Others are given on recharges within the first three months of purchasing a new SIM. In all ramifications, these bundles go a long way in empowering the subscribers.

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: Airtel multiple airtime bonuses

Airtel is Nigeria’s third largest telecom operator and a much respected brand. There’s hardly any call-time bonus write-up without the mention of the red-branded operator. Airtel Nigeria is known for its cheap tariff plans and generally considerate call benefits.

Airtel 20x

The airtel 20x welcome back offer

Eligible subscribers upon recharging their Airtel line to a denomination of choice could activate his/her choiced underlisted multiplier bundle.

PriceBonus Amount gottenActivation code

Learn more about Airtel 20x bonus offer.

Airtel 6x bonus

This recharge offer gives upon each airtime recharge a six times value of it. More or less like the 20x welcome back offer above, this bonus offer rewards subscribers while making no hint of the rate charged when making calls from bonus account.

To obtain your 6x recharge bonus, all you are required to do is dial *555*PIN#, with the PIN being your recharge digits.

The underlisted table gives a comprehensive overview of the offer:

Recharge DenominationN100N200N300
Value ReceivedN600N1200N1800
Validity14 Days30 Days30 Days

Meanwhile, Airtel smart connect and other tariff packages also award subscribers exciting call time values.

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: Multiple airtime bonuses from Glo

Globacom is Nigeria’s only indigenous brand among the major four operating in the country. The telecom operator which is widely known for data benefits has in recent years delved more of its attention in ushering call offers to its subscribers, of which some are as follows:

Glo bumpa with 200% call bonus

Glo bumpa is one of Glo’s tariff plans and it proposes to reward each airtime recharge with a 200% bonus. Both airtime and bonus accounts are charged at a high rate of 62k/s.

Recharges of N100 and N200 attracts bonuses which would last for only five days, while higher value of recharges lasts a maximum of seven days. Checking of bonus balance is by dialing #122*2# while migration to the plan is through dialing *100*10*1#.

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: Glo Jollific8

Glo Jollific8

This is yet another enticing tariff package from Globacom and it is packed with call benefits. It offers to subscribers upon recharge, an eight times airtime bonus which valids for a period of 7 days from time of recharge.

An outrageous call rate of 74k/s is placed on calls made with the bonus airtime. Learn more about Glo Jollific8 and other Glo benefit-fitted tariff packages.

Multiple call bonus from 9mobile

9mobile is one telecom operator in the country which has found it hard to retain its subscribers for some years now. Even after a change of CEO, the operator’s numbers are still to the southward. Nonetheless, the following are the call benefits provided by the operator:

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: 9mobile MoreCliq

9mobile moreCliq is a tariff plan which offers to its subscribers sets of bonuses. The operator promises that for a recharge of N100, two independent types of bonuses are given.

A 250% bonus on every recharge of ₦100 & above is to be used for on-net (9mobile to 9mobile) & off-net (9mobile to other networks) calls in the ratio of 50:50. In the same vein, a 350% airtime bonus on every recharge of ₦100 & above is provided for on-net calls. The 350% bonus is charged at a rate of 50k/sec, while the 250% bonus option and the main account is charged at a rate of 40k/sec.

To opt-in to the offer, dial *244*1#. More details about this offer could be accessed at the 9mobile updated tariff plans webpage.

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: 9mobile 900% bonus

double and multiplier airtime bonus

Originally opened for new subscribers, the 900% bonus from 9mobile comes in two usage options. 300% of the total accrued bonus is for calls, while 600% of it is for data.

The bonus which is valid for 90 days could be activated by dialing *611*20#. Learn more about 9mobile 900% call bonus.

Multiple airtime bonus from MTN

Commanding more than 40% of the market, MTN is undoubtedly Nigeria’s biggest telecom operator. In our recent article, we did put in an analysis on why the yellow branded operator is currently the best in the country by miles.

The underlisted call benefits to some scale depicts the operator’s influence in Nigeria’s telecomunication industry.

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: MTN Awuf4U

MTN awuf4u

Awuf4U offers to subscribers a 400% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 & above. For recharges between N1 to N99, a 275% bonus is however offered.

While the 400% bonus is usable for just 30 days, the 275% data valids through 14 days. The bonus could be accessed by dialing *888*PIN#, with the PIN being your recharge digits. Learn more about the Awuf4u offer

Double and multiplier airtime bonus offers: MTN Beta Talk

The Beta Talk offer is a tariff plan which offers up to 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above.

Reacharges below N100 are however rewarded with only 150% bonus airtime and as with the ones above N100, this is obtainable on every recharge.

The MTN Beta Talk tariff plan within its few months of release was a much publicised package due to its value then. However, with time, the plan has gone unpopular with the reason very likely to be its outrageous calling rate.

All prepaid and postpaid subscriber stand eligible to migrate to MTN BetaTalk by dialing *123*2*1# or texting BT to 131.

End Note

Generation Zs unlike millennials might not really accent to the acute importance of phone calling due to advances in technology. These advances have seen much of the younger population engaging themselves on the internet and consequently making use of the voice and text communication it offers.

For millenials and the greater number of the populace, as broadband development in the country is still low, mobile phone calls are still the most effective form of long distance communication. To make this communication at a cheap price demands staying relevant with recent offers and trends within the industry. Listed above are the double and multiple airtime offers from the four major telecom operators in the country, as at the time of writing.


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