Airtel Unlimited data plans for router, outdoor unit customers

Airtel, Nigeria’s third largest telecom operator recently unveiled a new addition to its data catalog. The new Airtel unlimited data plans for routers and outdoor unit consumers offers more value for heavy data users as well as enhancing an unfettered connectivity throughout the duration of the bundle.

Airtel Unlimited data plans for router, outdoor unit customers

According to the operator, its unlimited ultra plans are designed to meet the growing demand for quality home broadband experience with consideration for those working from home, schooling remotely and enjoying home entertainment.

Airtel Unlimited data plans — The bundles are duration-fixed

The four sets of bundles which could be enjoyed in the ‘unlimited’ package are limited in time. Unlimited bundles from telecommunication firms, even of some outside the country, are usually made to be unlimited in data value to some scale but limited in duration. The fact that this one from Airtel has joined the trail is of no surprise.

The plans are meant for router and outdoor unit consumers

Airtel users who possess routers and other external internet connectivity devices are eligible for this offer. A router is an internet device placed in an outdoor location, which provides various users indoor connected to it with swift access to the internet.

These devices unlike MIFIs are connected to power supply while in operations, connects more users and offers speeds which are higher than the latter. Routers are of two types – a wireless type and one which is connected through cable to the users.

Airtel Nigeria and other carriers mostly engage the use of wireless routers. These devices receive broadband waves and transmit such through wifi (no wired connection) to the various users (which could be up to 30). This is different from a wired router which would need a cable to link and transmit connection to the receivers.

Airtel Unlimited data plans — Details of the bundles

Airtel released just four of these supposed unlimited plans viz: Unlimited Ultra Lite; Unlimited Ultra Standard; Unlimited Ultra platinum; and Unlimited Ultra Diamond.

According to the red-branded operator, Unlimited Ultra weekly goes for N5,000 only and will offer unlimited data for seven days with a fair usage policy of 30GB plus 1GB data daily after the fair usage policy. In such manner, the telco added that customers who purchase the unlimited ultra standard priced at N20,000 will enjoy unlimited data for 30 days with a fair usage policy of 130GB plus 3GB data daily after the fair usage policy.

Unlimited Ultra diamond could be purchased for N30,000, while the unlimited ultra platinum goes for N60,000 only. For both plans, customers will enjoy unlimited data for 30 days with a fair usage policy of 210 GB and 550 GB respectively plus 3GB data daily after the fair usage policy. The descriptions are summarised below:

PlanValueDurationAfter fair usage *
Unlimited Ultra Lite30GB7 days1GB
Unlimited Ultra Standard130GB30 days3GB
Unlimited Ultra Diamond210GB30 days3GB
Unlimited Ultra Platinum550GB30 days3GB

*After fair usage policy: —daily permissible data volume after reaching the fair usage (value of data given).

Analysis: Is it really unlimited – here are the catches

In sincerity, the Airtel recently added plans though labelled unlimited, aren’t practically so. The packages are time-bound and as well have limits placed on the value of data obtainable. Example, the Unlimited Ultra Lite which is priced at N5,000 has a value of 30GB. However, upon exhausting the value, one is permitted to use an added one gigabyte of data daily until the validity of the plan is exhausted.

Aside these catches, the supposed unlimited plan from Airtel is of little value when juxtaposed with its regular data plans. A N5,000 valued plan in its regular data pack offers a data volume of 15GB but with a broader validity period of 30 days. Moreover, a new smartphone user who is eligible for the operator’s double data promo could get a similar 30GB data valid for 30 days.

How to subscribe to the plans

Subscription to the Airtel Unlimited Ultra Plans is through visiting or by dialling *370# from an Airtel line. However, be sure your mobile number is registered to a router or MiFi. Checkout the price of Airtel 3G/4G router and how to purchase it.

Unlimited plans from other operators?

The four major operators in the country – MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile – aren’t known for floating unlimited plans. As at the time of writing, only Airtel have been able to do such, although recently to select customers.

In the meantime, some regional service providers have their ‘unlimited’ bundles nevertheless and such could be found in our dedicated unlimited plans webpage.


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