Airtel Ultra plans – revised data packages with bonuses

Airtel ultra plans are revised data bundles from the telecom operator’s defunct ‘mega data package’.

This new plans offer quite some bulk of data bonuses viz: 250MB, 500MB, and 1GB for it’s Ultra 10, Ultra 15, and Ultra 20 packages respectively. The revised bundles aimed at empowering users of Airtel’s Routers and MiFi, seeks to ‘deepen Home Broadband connectivity as well as offer home broadband customers more value for money’.

Airtel Ultra Plans — Is the data discount due to the COVID-19 concerns?

In the statement unvieling the value packs, the telecom firm didn’t hinted the COVID-19 – inspired lockdown restriction which some part of the country are still observing, to be the reason for it. It could be recalled that in early April, Airtel said it commited about 1.9 billion naira towards stemming the spread of the lethal disease.

The major telecom operator pencilled N200m for the provision of an Isolation Center or any required medical facility agreed with the appropriate health authority in the country, while a promissory of N120m was labeled for purchase of over 100,000 N95 Respirator Masks for Health Workers across the Country.

Airtel Nigeria also said it is offering free Short Message Services (SMS) to customers which the telecom firm said costs N1B. N500m was also proposed towards ensuring free access to educational and health sites.

However in this case, the likelihood of the newly added bonuses being introduced because of the coronavirus effect on subscribers isn’t relayed by the tech firm. Notwithstanding also, that could aswell be a possible reason.

Airtel Ultra Plans — Details of the packages

Airtel ultra plans

Each package has it’s independent bonus value. As formerly made known, the Ultra 10 package offers a 250MB daily bonus data. This plan goes for N10,000. Similarly, the Ultra 15 plan goes for N15,000. Its daily data bonus offer is 500MB. Next on the line is the Ultra 20 priced at N20,000 only. Daily data bonus for this plan is 1GB.

Data packageDurationDaily bonus offer
40GB @ N10,000 (Ultra 10)30 Days250MB
75GB @ N15,000 (Ultra 15)30 Days500MB
120GB @ N20,000 (Ultra 20)30 Days1GB

Although the bonuses are renewable every 24 hour, they are only effective upon exhaustation of the primary 30 days data. This means that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the package if your data bundle avails till it’s 30 days duration.

Purchase of the packages

Subscription to Airtel Ultra Plans should be done by dialing the USSD code, *370#. The ensuing instruction prompt after dialing would lead you to full activation of the plan.

Subscription could aswell be made through the telco’s broadband web portal at

How does the package compares with similar ones from other telcos?

MTN » When compared with MTN data offerings, the narratives are the same except for the N20,000 packages. This package gives a data value of 110GB for MTN subscribers, and is clearly 10GB short of the offering by Airtel. Likewise, there’s no known data bonus from MTN upon exhaustion of your data bundle.

Conclusively, the Airtel heavy data plan effortlessly shoulders over similar plan from MTN.

9Mobile» Since takeover in 2018 by Teleology Holdings, 9mobile has witnessed a downward glide. While all three other major telecom operators in the country garnered in more subscribers, 9mobile continued in it’s perpetual lost of subscriber – thats from a recent report by the NCC.

Despite the challenge, this hasn’t detered the telecom operator from serving it’s subscribers affordable data packages. It’s N10,000 data plan gives a 40GB data value. Consequently, it’s N15,000 data offering gives a data value of 75GB. These packages are similar in value to the ones from Airtel. Notedly, 9mobile currently doesn’t have a N20,000 data package in it’s coffers.

Conclusively, when paired with similar plan from 9mobile, Airtel’s Ultra data plans comes out top with more value.

Glo» A N10,000 data offer from the indigenous brand give a data size of 46GB, plus a bonus of 4GB usable from 12AM through 5AM. This value better by broad margin the Ultra 10 package from Airtel.

Also, a N15,000 package from Glo gives 86GB worth of data plus a 7GB data usable in the evening. This value surpasses those of the Airtel Ultra 15. Similarly, a 20,000 data offering from Glo comes with a data value of 126GB with an added bonus of 12GB to be used in the evening. This as well bosses over the 120GB pack offered by Airtel for the same price tag.

Heavy-data plans (30 days) in Nigeria — The comparison

Price »N10,000N15,000N20,000
Airtel40GB +250mb daily exhaustion bonus75GB + 500mb daily exhaustion bonus120GB + 1GB exhaustion bonus
Globacom46GB + 6GB bonus86GB + 7GB bonus126GB + 12GB

Clearly, the Airtel revisited data offering is still second best to the ones from Glo (interms of data volume).


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