Airtel tariff plans 2020 — Cheapest call packages

Airtel Nigeria is arguably one of the cheapest telecom network provider in the country in terms of price of services. Their data packs value is second only to the ones from Globacom. Consequently, little wonder, the Airtel tariff plans 2020 catalog constitutes of juicy budget-oriented call plans.

The third ranked telecom network by virtue of numbers of subscribers have about 45,929,995 subscribers. This is just behind Globacom which boasts of a subscriber base of 46,594,981. Although these statistics lean towards the indigenous brand, Airtel Nigeria is widely opined to edge out other telecom firms when call tariffs and bonuses are staked on. Subscription into any of these plans are as well quite simple.

Why you need to be abreast with updated tariff packages

One feature common in the country’s telecom space is the frequent introduction of packages, and bonus packs. These new introductions are sometimes better than existing ones. And as such, maintaining ignorance of alterations to the existing tariffs or introduction of new ones comes with grave consequences.

Another issue of concern is the intentional shielding of actual packages values. These covert sheltering are always effected by the singled heralding of only the enticing section of the package. Example, normally tariffs plans comes with call or data value bonuses. However, while the call tariffs charged from the main balance is usually considerate (probably to reflect the purpose of the package), the charges from the bonus account are always extravagant. The charges from this bonus portion is apparently hidden. This leaves subscribers vulnerable; ignorantly getting a value independently tagged at convenience by telcos.

These unsuspecting lures are perpetually orchestrated by all telcos in the country

Regrettably, tariffs plans are periodically revamped for the sole purpose of deceit, and as well as to stay abreast of countrywide trends. This goes in a scenario where you see a new attractive name been labelled on a package that has little or no difference from it’s erstwhile state. If it’s erstwhile state was a more of data one, this would be reduced, with more value added to the call profile of it.

All the top four main telecom providers in Nigeria namely: MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile, are guilty of this. And aside from regularly introducing alluring tariff plans, these telcos hid new disbenefits of a particular tariff from their subscribers. The following are the updated details of the current tarrif plans in Nigeria.

Airtel Tariff plans 2020

Airtel Tariff plans 2020

Except stated otherwise, migration to any Airtel tariff plan is free within 30 days. If however, you need to migrate to a tariff plan twice or more in the said time period, a N100 airtime charge would be deducted per migration.

Tariff planCall rateOpt-in code
SmartConnect50k/sNew SIMs
SmartTrybe11k/s after 50 sec*312#
Airtel Freedom plan12.3k/s flat rate*152#
SmartTALK 2.011.3k/s*315#
SmartPREMIER11k/s (40k/s first minute)*318#

Airtel Tariff plans 2020 — SmartConnect

The SmartConnect package is the best tarrif plan so far released by the telecom network. It comes with new sim cards and can’t be subscribed to. This tarrif plan offers new Airtel subscribers 800% the value of all recharges. These bonuses are doled out in the following ratio:

  • Main account — 100%
  • Voice bonus account — 250%
  • Data bonus account — 250%
  • Social bonus account — 100%
  • Family and friends bonus account — 100%.

Airtel Tariff plans 2020

Call tariffs on the plan are as follows:

  • Family & Friends — 21k/s, 25k/s.
  • Main Bonus Account — 50 Kobo/Second
  • Voice Bonus Account — 60 Kobo/Second

Tariffs are much lower for calls between 11 pm and 6 am of each day: 11k/s.

Airtel SmartTrybe

The SmartTrybe is another interesting tariff plan of choice for many of its subscribers. The reason being that it comes with many advantages. Prominent of which are:

  • Call rate of 11 Kobo/Sec for all local and international calls after first 50 secs.
  • 500MB for N25 night browsing (12 am – 5 am)
  • Get 1GB data for just N500 Naira (valid 7 days)
  • Free access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and BBM when near or on campus
  • 60mb data bonus on N200 airtime recharge valid for a month.
  • Free 5 SMS when you pay for 2 SMS.
  • 30% bonus on data plans worth N500 and above.

Airtel smartTRYBE

Aside these features, there’s one that affords a bonus of 5MB data on first recharge of N100. While another recharge of N100 within that same week gives 10MB.

The migration code for Airtel SmartTrybe is *312#.

Airtel Freedom Plan

The freedom plan is ordinarily a call-oriented package. It offers subscribers 12.3k/sec call tariffs to all networks in Nigeria while calls to all International destinations is at zone rates.

SMS rate is N4 per SMS page to all networks within Nigeria and International SMS is at zone rate.  To migrate to Airtel Freedom Plan, dial *152#.

Airtel SmartTalk 2.0

The Airtel SmartTALK is another ‘all-calling’ package from the telecom operator. The calling rate to all network is a reduced 11.3k/s but comes with a daily access fee though.

Airtel SmartTalk

The access fee for the SmartTALK tariff plan is N7.17k. However, if no calls are made in a day, no access fee is charged. The international call rate here is 20k/s.

Dial *315# to migrate to the SmartTALK 2.0 plan.

Airtel Tariff plans 2020 — Smart Premier

The smart premier is another unique package from Airtel.

For call rates, first-minute call to all networks in Nigeria will be billed at 40k/sec, while subsequent calls will be billed at 11k/sec.

For data bonuses, a recharge of N100 to N198 gives 5MB valid for 1day. There’s also a 15MB bonus on recharge of N200 to N498 valid for 1day, 50MB bonus on recharge of N500 to N998 valid for 3days and 150MB bonus on recharge of N1000 above valid for 7days. Recharge of N5000 and above within a month gives you up to 500 minutes of free incoming calls while roaming.

SMS rate is N4. To Opt-in to the plan, simply dial *318#.

Airtel SmartVALUE

Airtel SmartVALUE offer subscribers an affordable 15k/s call rate to all networks right from the first minute of call. This cheap rate comes with no applicable access fee.

To migrate to the plan, text YES to 314 or dial *314#.


Airtel Tariff plans are one of the cheapest among the four major telecom operators in the country. Glo and MTN do offer some cheap and enticing call plans, however on the average, Airtel bosses over them all.

It is necessary to be on the know that although the packages so listed aren’t quite cheap or too expensive (in terms of call billing), a subscriber need to choose one that aligns with his/her need.


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