Airtel smartPREMIER (All About Mobile Network Services Packages)

Airtel smartPREMIER planThe very first on the list of Airtel’s tariff plans is the SmartConnect which was extensively described last time, today is the second plan, Airtel smartPREMIER.

Welcome to our series of articles that disclose and describe the call plans of the 4 mobile giants in Nigeria. So far, each of the network’s first plans has been discussed, we are now on their second plans; here is Airtel smartPREMIER plan. What is it all about and what benefits does it provide subscribers?

Airtel SmartPremier plan

The plan is actually a new one from Airtel. It affords subscribers the opportunity to enjoy very cheap call rates that are as low as 11k/s. The amazing thing is that you can make the calls to all networks. However, like MTN’s SuperSaver plan, the cheap call rate is only enabled after the first minute of the call charged at 40k/sec daily, followed by 11k/sec call rate.

Example: If you place a call to any network, the first rate will be 40k/s, while subsequent rate will be 11k/s still to any network for the rest of the day.


Anyone currently under the prepaid plan and new subscribers are eligible to migrate. Post-paid plan subscribers are not qualified to migrate to this plan.


  • Subscribers get to make calls as cheap as 11k/s to all networks. This benefit is activated after the first 1 minute call of the day charged at 40k/s to all network.
  • Data Bonuses are gifted as follows: 5M for 100 to 198 naira recharge, 15MB for 200 to 498 recharge, 50MB for 500 to 988naira recharge, and 150MB for 1000 naira plus recharge.
  • You get to make calls at 11k/s to selected top 5 countries namely: UK (fixed lines), US, Canada, India, and China after 40k/s first 60 seconds charge.
  • SMS is 4 naira for local numbers and 15 naira for international numbers
  • Subscribers also get free incoming calls when roaming in the following 5 destinations: South Africa, UK, US, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


To activate, simply dial *318# or Send “YES” to 318

Airtel is an amazing network because they are always ready to provide the best anytime. They were able to beat MTN’s SuperSaver+ plan by providing a cheaper rate of 11k/s against MTN’s 15k/s. If you have a comment, we will like to hear it, and please don’t forget to share this page with all your friends.


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