How to Access Airtel SmartConnect Great Bonuses

Airtel SmartConnect rocks. If you are looking for an Airtel voice plan to enjoy both voice and data bonuses, here is it. Interestingly, it is the default Airtel bonus plan for prepaid customers. In other words, on purchasing and registering your Airtel SIM, you are automatically on SmartConnect.

Bonuses on Airtel SmartConnect

Airtel SmartConnect

Bonuses on Data Plans

As soon as you begin subscribing for data on your new Airtel SIM, you start enjoying the SmartConnect benefits. On Airtel SmartConnect, a recharge on any Airtel data bundle attracts 100% bonus. However, the bonuses are only applicable for 90 days on recharges below N5,000.

No matter the data bundle you subscribe to, from N50 to N4,000, you will be sure to get a 100 percent bonus. In other words, if you recharge the 1-day N50 plan, you will get 40MB instead of the usual 20MB.

Similarly, a recharge of N500 weekly plan attracts 1.5GB instead of 750MB and recharge of N1,000 monthly data plan attracts 3GB instead of 1.5GB. The same applies to other Airtel data plans below N5,000.

Note that the plan is valid for as long as the main data.

Bonuses on Every Recharge

Airtel SmartConnect would have been good enough if the benefits are limited to data bonuses but Airtel has much more for its subscribers. On the SmartConnect plan, Airtel also offers 8X (800%) of your recharge amount, on any recharge of N100 and above.

In other words, if you recharge N100 airtime, you will get N800. The amount is broken down as follows: 12.5% for the main account credit, 37.5% for the bonus voice credit, and 50% for the bonus data credit.

This implies that on recharge of N100, you will get N100 on the main account credit, N300 on the bonus voice credit, and N400 on the bonus data credit, totaling N800. Similarly, a recharge of N200 offers N200, N600, and N800 respectively and totals N1,600.

Note that the bonus expires after 7 days but your main account credit does not expire. Also, the bonus on Airtel SmartConnect cannot be accumulated. To check your balance dial *123# for your main account balance, *123*1# for bonus balance, and *123*2# for voice bundle balance. You can check your data balance by dialing *140#.


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