Get 10x of Your Recharge on Airtel Smart RECHARGE for Data, Calls, and SMS

Airtel offers a lot of amazing services, bundles, call and data plans but Airtel Smart RECHARGE is probably the best Airtel bundle you need if you want awesome bonuses.

Airtel Smart RECHARGE bundle offers 10X the value of your recharge and more. You can use the bonuses for Airtel to Airtel calls,  calls to other networks, SMS, and also for data.

Airtel smart recharge

How Smart RECHARGE Works

To get the benefits offered by Airtel Smart RECHARGE, you need to recharge your Airtel line using *220*PIN# rather than the conventional *126*PIN#. This benefit is available only to Airtel prepaid subscribers.

Airtel divides the Smart RECHARGE values into voice call value and data value. For instance, a recharge of N100 attracts N500 for voice call and N500 for data; N200 recharge attracts N1000 for voice call and N1000 for data.

Together with the 10X value offered on N500 and N1000 recharge, an extra data value is given to the subscriber. Thus, a recharge of N500 attracts N2000 for calls, N3000 for data and an additional N3000 for data. Thus, the total data value for N500 recharge is N6,000 and the overall value is N8,000.

Similarly, a recharge of N1,000 attracts N2,500 for calls and N7,500 for data and an additional N7,500 for data. Thus, the total data value is N15,000 and the overall value is N17,500.

The validity period for the recharge values differs with the amount you recharge. A recharge of N100 is valid for 3 days, N200 is valid for 7 days, while N500 and N1,000 are valid for 14 days.

Other Features to Note on Airtel Smart RECHARGE

You can check your Airtel Smart RECHARGE call and data balance by dialing *123#. Your unused Smart RECHARGE bundle can be rolled over to a new bundle upon expiry, provided you buy another Smart RECHARGE bundle before the validity period expires.

Although Smart RECHARGE offers huge call and data volume for low-cost recharge, it has a very high call and data rate. Airtel charges call to every local network in Nigeria at the rate of N50/min in this bundle. Data is charged at N20/MB.


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