Airtel ODU smartbox — price, description and purchase locations

Recently, Airtel Nigeria, one of the country’s major telecom service providers, disclosed its newest 4G devices. Airtel ODU smartbox according to the telco would further deepen broadband connectivity in homes and offices across the country, giving customers the freedom to do more as well as become more productive.

The router is launched on the heels of a similar launch of an unlimited bundle for outdoor unit users. As with the earlier disclosure, the red-branded operator avers that this new release is predicated on the backdrop of an expansive and modernized 4G network, considered the widest in the country.

Compliments the earlier released ‘unlimited ultra bundle’

For its subscribers who made use of outdoor unit devices, i.e devices which serve as internet hub for several other devices and are kept outdoor for effective receptivity, Airtel provided an unlimited ultra bundle.

These bundles, ideal for heavy data users expectedly arrived with a fair usage policy, outrightly gimmicking the unrestricted bounds it was branded. Other popular unlimited bundles from regional providers shared similar traits — more data under a brief period, capped data value.

The Airtel ODU Smartbox is one of the supported devices for Airtel’s mega bundles

Recently, Airtel have been dedicating their attention towards home and office broadband services. In April, the telco introduced an ultra package meant for home and office broadband devices like the routers and MIFIs. An ‘unlimited data bundle’ was thereafter added yet still for these classes of subscribers.

The intent of Airtel concerning its heavy-data broadband service was stated by Godfrey Efeurhobo, Director Home Broadband, Airtel Nigeria. According to Efeurhobo, Airtel is constantly exploring innovative opportunities to ensure a seamless and pleasant experience for customers in its Home Broadband segment.

Airtel ODU Smartbox in details

The Smartbox by Airtel is an internet router which could connect upto 32 devices. It has the following details:

Airtel ODU smartbox

NameAirtel Smartbox
Data gift240GB valid for 60days

The telecom operator promises subscribers who could subscribe to a data bundle valued N10,000 and above in the first 6 months after purchase of the router, a 10GB bonus data.

Where and how to buy the Smartbox

Airtel Smartbox could be purchased at the nearest Airtel mobile shop. The one nearest to you can be checked by dialling *386# from your Airtel line. Alternatively, you can visit from your web browser to view the shops locations.

Airtel ODU smartbox — Data Subscription

Subscription to Airtel’s router bundles is through a dedicated USSD code: *370#. If you are yet to register for a Mifi or in this case a router, through the USSD dialling, you would be made to do so.

4G bundles across Airtel’s Home Broadband packages can also be accessed through their HBB portal: or with the Airtel App.

For regular mobile users, there are several cheap airtel data bundles which you would mind accessing. You could as well get on to know why your data plan exhausts rapidly.


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