Top Up Your Way with Airtel Easy Recharge (ERC)

Airtel Easy Recharge (ERC) has made top up easier than ever. Topping up your Airtel line and those of your friends and family has never been easier. With ERC, you don’t need a scratch card to purchase airtime of any value. ERC makes it super-easy to purchase airtime values of any denomination with untold flexibility and convenience.

Airtel Easy Recharge

Benefits of Airtel Easy Recharge

Airtel Easy Recharge offers a slew of benefits. Firstly, it makes buying airtime values and data easy, convenient and seamless. You don’t need any scratching to purchase airtime.

Also, the service is available 24/7 since it is easily accessible online and the recharge values are denominationless, offering flexible value recharge.

Furthermore, ERC is an excellent way to top up airtime and data for your friends and family. It offers an easy and convenient way to purchase data bundles on your smartphones and tablets, making it easy for you to stay connected always.

How to Make a Purchase With ERC

Easy Recharge is easy and available on various channels. It allows you to purchase airtime and data values through ATMs, online, Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, and retail partners across Nigeria.

Each of these methods of purchase offers its respective and unique perks and features.

There are several ERC vendors across Nigeria. To purchase values through retailers, the vendor will be responsible for topping up and initiating the request for your mobile phone number. Top up with this method is instantaneous.

It is also very easy to make an ERC purchase through ATM. To use an ATM for Easy Recharge, select “Recharge” on the ATM and then click “Airtel”. Enter your phone number and then the recharge denomination as appropriate.

Furthermore, online purchase is one of the easiest ways to make a purchase in Easy Recharge. To do this, visit the Airtel website and click “Pay & Recharge” in the menu then follow the instructions.

Airtel Easy Recharge makes purchasing airtime and data values seamless. It offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your favorite network on the go.


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