Airtel data plans 2020 — Cheapest bundles

Airtel data plans 2020 are some of the most affordable among other packages from the four main telecom networks in Nigeria.

It’s main competitor by virtue of data volume is Globacom. Official statistics from the country’s regulatory body – the NCC, shows that the Globacom telecom operator as at late 2019 through early 2020 deposed Airtel of it’s spot as the second rated telecom network in Nigeria (in terms of numbers of subscribers). While Globacom enjoys about 27% of the market, Airtel garners just about 26%. MTN Nigeria however leads from the summit with about 37% market share.

Airtel data plans 2020

Notwithstanding the statistics, Airtel Nigeria offers some of the most enticing packages. Compared with competing packages, Airtel data plan is second only to those of Globacom (in terms of data volume). The following are the data packages offered by the Airtel brand:

Airtel daily/weekly/bi-weekly bundles

These plans are evidently impromptu packages meant for short-time usages. Example could be seen in the following scenario. Normally, we are used to monthly subscriptions because it spans good 30 days. However, when your monthly data plan gets exhausted at an unplanned period, all there is to do might just be to subscribe to a 24 or 48hr impromptu data plan. This could be managed until your normal subscription is re-activated.

These plans are also quite excellent for hefty, immediate single internet downloads. Using a 24hr data plan might turn-out more favourable than getting charged from your planned monthly package. The following plans falls under the daily & weekly category:

PlanDurationOpt-in code
20MB @ N501 Day*141*50#
75MB @ N1001 Day*141*100#
200MB @ N2003 Days*141*200#
350MB @ N3007 Days*141*300#
750MB @ N50014 Days*141*500#

Airtel Monthly data plans

Monthly data plans are 30 days dated data bundles and it comes with it’s value cap. These bundles are much popular and cost-effective than the daily, weekly and bi-weekly plans. What makes them so is due to it’s 30 days validity period. It smoothly resonate with one’s budget given that wages are usually doled-out after a month(average 30 days). This carpets the toils accompanied with frequent subscriptions, because a monthly bundle necessarily caters for one’s browsing needs for days.

An astute comparison between Airtel daily/weekly data bundles and its monthly counterpart clearly reveals that the later is more cost-effective. The value gotten from a monthly plan worths more than the daily/weekly plan by good margin. Below are the monthly data bundles from Airtel.

PlanDurationOpt-in code
1.5GB @ N1,00030 Days*141*1000#
2GB @ N1,20030 days*141*1200#
3GB @ N1,50030 Days*141*1500#
4.5GB @ N2,00030 Days*141*2000#
6GB @ N2,50030 Days*141*2500#
8GB @ N3,00030 Days*141*3000#
11GB @ N4,00030 Days*141*4000#

Airtel Mega Data Plans

Airtel mega data bundles are hefty monthly packages meant for heavy usages. These plans are ideal for firms and individuals who require good quantity of data. These data bundles are more cost effective than the light monthly plans – you get more value for the price tag associated with each package.

PlanDurationOpt-in code
15GB @ N5,00030 Days*141*5000#
40GB @ N10,00030 Days*141*10000#
75GB @ N15,00030 Days*141*15000#
110GB @ N20,00030 Days*141*20000#

Airtel data plans 2020 — Social bundles

Social media have now become an integral part of most people’s life. As such, the need to stay connected with affordable social media data bundles beckons. These packages are well suited for your social media need.

However, despite how well presented and affordable it may seem, these bundles are less cost-effective compared to the above listed bundles.

PlanDurationOpt-in code
WhatsApp 10MB @ N251 day*948*4#
Whatsapp 20MB @ N501 day*991*4#
50MB @ N100 for all platforms5 days*688*3#
700MB @ N500 for all social platforms25 days*688*1#

Weekend/Unlimited bundles

As the name apparently imply, these are bundles usable during weekends and the other suitable for nights. The night plans are purportedly unlimited.

  • Airtel Unlimited Night Plan: Do you like night surfs? Downloading or uploading contents from the web are much seamless during the earliest part of the day(12am till 6pm).During these periods, less number of subscribers use the network, resulting to an ensuing swift speed. This plan costs just N200 with 3 hours of unlimited browsing offered. This unlimited data plan starts effective from 1am daily, and could be subscribed to by dialing *481*2#. If 3 hours might not be well suited for you, there’s another similar package for 6 hours of unlimited night plan browsing and download. This plan however costs N500 and could be subscribed to by dialing *481*1#.The plan is valid from 12 am to 6 am daily.
  • Airtel N200 Weekend Bundle: This plan offers subscribers 200MB for N200 usable throughout the weekend(12am on Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday). Dial *472# to subscribe to this package.
  • Airtel N500 Weekend Data Plan: This weekend package is similar to the previous one. The difference though is data and price tag. Here, you pay N500 to receive 500MB for a whole weekend. Dial *473# to subscribe to this package.
  • Airtel 30 minutes Unlimited Data Plan: Unlike the night unlimited data plan, this plan is usable anytime of the day upon activation. To get an 30 minutes unlimited data usage for just N300, dial *439*3#.
  • Airtel 60 minutes Unlimited Data Plan: This package gives 60 minutes(1hr) of uncapped internet use. To activate this time-based plan, dial *439*4#.

    Airtel data plans 2020 — The verdict!

    The above data bundles are matched only by the ones from the indigenous operator, Globacom. This goes to show the value Airtel adds to it’s data service.

    The 2020 revised version of Airtel data packages when weighed with industry’s extents are encouraging.


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