Compatible Devices on Airtel – Benefits and Features

Airtel is widely known for its innovativeness and interesting data and voice offers and benefits. Its bonuses are mouth-watering and spicy. More so, Airtel subscribers stand a better chance of making the most of all of its offers with Airtel compatible devices.

airtel compatible devices

Of course, you can also enjoy a lot of Airtel features and benefits with devices other than those marked as Airtel compatible. However, Airtel provides a seamless platform for subscribers using its compatible devices to enjoy what other network providers cannot offer. This is a major reason why Airtel is a top-rated network in Nigeria.

Overview on Airtel’s Compatible Devices

Basically, Airtel compatible devices are categorized into three groups: Smartphones, Mifi and Routers, as well as Accessories.

Smart Phones

A plethora of Smartphones are Airtel compatible. The list is in fact endless. Some of these include.

  • Apple Phones
  • Blackberry Phones
  • Huawei
  • Itel
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Solo Phones
  • R62
  • Tecno Phones

Mifi and Routers

The use of Mifi has been on the increase owing to the increasing internet usage in Nigeria. Mi-Fi allows you to surf the internet faster and with a lot of benefits. These include Airtel Dongle, Airtel Mi-Fi, and Airtel Router.

These Mi-Fi and routers have really magnificent features. They allow you to surf the internet at top speed and are basically 4G compatible. With these devices, it becomes very easy to enjoy Airtel with high speed unlimited data plans.


Technology just gets better with Airtel’s state of the art accessories. These accessories allow you to connect with friends, your favorite music and even to keep fit seamlessly.

  • Jaw Bone Era Bluetooth Headset
  • Jabra Sole Mate Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Jaw Bone Jambox Mini
  • Nike + Fuel band
  • Fit Bit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

What You Stand To Gain

Airtel compatible devices not only offer you everything Airtel has to offer but it opens up a whole world of possibility to you. You get to surf the internet endlessly, make calls, enjoy impeccable offers, all available a mouse click away.  Here are some of the topnotch benefits available for you.

  • Internet access
  • One touch call
  • SMS services
  • Data bonuses
  • Call bonuses
  • SMS bonuses
  • All other Airtel products and services.

Apart from all these gains and advantages derived when using these compatible devices, Airtel also provides the services at the cheapest possible cost. Besides, you can even access Airtel services at a lower cost than other non-compatible devices. It is therefore very advisable to go for Airtel compatible devices if you wish to subscribe to Airtel.

However, it is worthy of note that Airtel services still reach out to newer devices other the aforementioned Airtel compatible devices. In other words, Airtel runs a flexible platform that accommodates any other device. This includes old, new and upcoming devices. So, everyone is actually welcome to Airtel family for a pleasant experience of a lifetime.


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