Airtel Binge Plan – The Airtel Plan for Huge Data

Airtel Binge plan is probably the best Airtel data plan for subscribers with heavy data needs. If you are looking for a data plan for seamless and undisturbed movie downloading and streaming or to attend your favorite online classes, Binge is a perfect plan for you.

A cursory interview with Airtel users shows that Airtel is a very robust and stable network. Unlike Glo with a topsy-turvy and unstable network, Airtel has a strong and stable network that hardly fluctuates in major Nigerian cities. Besides, data plans are fairly cost-effective, especially with the double data that usually applies to new phones. Furthermore, with Airtel Binge plan in the equation, it is a win-win for subscribers. You can be sure of a steady internet with high volumes of data for just anything you want to do.

Airtel Binge Plan

The Airtel Binge Plans

Just like the newly introduced MTN one-day and two-day plans, there are basically two plans in the Airtel Binge plan – these include the N500 Binge plan and the N350 Binge plan.

Airtel N500 Binge Plan:

The major difference between this plan and the newly introduced MTN plan is that MTN offers a 2-day validity while Airtel offers one-day validity for the N500 plan. However, the two plans are available at N500 and have a data volume of 2GB. It is easy to subscribe to the Airtel N500 Binge plan, simply dial *141*504# and there you go.

Airtel N350 Binge Plan:

If all you need is 1GB for one day, the Airtel N500 Binge plan may not be the ideal plan for you. In such a case, you should consider the Airtel N350 Binge plan. The N350 Binge plan offers 1GB data for one day; the data can be used for anything you can think of – to browse, download, stream online videos, attend favorite online classes, etc. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *141*354#.

Airtel Binge plan is one of the best plans available in the network. It is ideal for quick and heavy data needs but if you can afford the cost, this plan can also be used for your daily data needs. To get started with the Binge plan, simply dial *141# and select the Binge plan of your choice.


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