Airtel 4G LTE – How to Enjoy – Tips and Guide

Internet consumers mostly look for two things in a network: speed and coverage. The question of speed becomes paramount as internet activities increase. Undoubtedly, this explains the increased demand for Airtel 4G LTE service.

In the days of small-sized and low-quality videos and documents, one can easily make do with a 2G or Edge service but the need for 3G soon surfaced with a higher demand on speed. Nowadays, the demand has shifted from 3G to 4G LTE due to the demand for greater quality files.

The debut of 4G LTE in Nigeria came with NTEL, more so, NTEL has been paraded for so long as the king of 4G services in Nigeria but it has hardly held that position hitherto. Top notch networks like Airtel have taken the flagship by offering over the top 4G services.

Airtel 4G

Why 4G LTE?

4G LTE allows you to browse at a profoundly high speed. It is dubbed as a super-fast internet service. As expected, Airtel adds reliability to this, helping you to enjoy a quality experience as you surf the net.

Although Airtel 4G service is not available in everywhere Nigeria, wherever it is available it allows you to enjoy voice and video calls, stream HD Videos, download files at high speed, play high definition online games, and much more.

With Airtel 4G, you can download files at speed up to 12Mbps and more.

How to Enjoy Airtel 4G

Here are simple processes you can follow to get Airtel 4G active on your phone.

  • If you already have an Airtel SIM, you can upgrade to 4G, but you can also get a new 4G SIM if you prefer to do so.
  • Get a MiFi, phone, or Dongle that is 4G enabled. You can also upgrade your phone to a 4G capable phone. If you are not sure whether or not your phone is 4G capable, dial *121# and choose 4G services.
  • Stay within Airtel 4G coverage.

Important things to note on Airtel 4G

Airtel 4G works in the same with the 2G or 3G service especially in activating and using bundles. In other words, you can dial *141# or use the self-care menu (*121#) to activate bundles on 4G.

As a matter of fact, bundles that work for Airtel 3G also work for Airtel 4G.

The major downside to Airtel 4G service (and of course to all 4G services) is that the 4G service is not available in all areas. However, you will be switched to the available network if you move out of 4G LTE coverage.


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